DOES HE LIKE YOU? (Please try this out)

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Try Me! ;)

  • 1
    First Of All. Does He Even Know You Exist? ;)
    Yesss!: DDD We're pretty close
    I think so. Cause his friends talk about me.
    Maybe:'( I don't know cause we don't talk
    Nooooo >.< Like. Will Never Happen:'( </3
  • 2
    For how long have you both known each other?
    Many years.
    Something that seems like it's been a million years
    Ever since we were kids
    We just met
  • 3
    Do you think he likes you?
    Hmmm.. Let's just say.... No:(
    I'm pretty positive
    He's too popular for me:(
    Like Totally. But I'm taking this quiz just to be sure xD
  • 4
    Have you both ever had an unexpectedly romantic accident?
    Nahh. We hardly meet:(
    Yussss! >.< eppp. And he looked right into my eyes
    Nopeee. And will Never Ever Happen:'(
    Yes. And then he introduced himself and then gave me his number and all. <3
  • 5
    Does he compliment you?
    Noope. He's tooo shyyy. But he tried: P
    He just said that he likes my handwriting -_-
    He did. Like Once or twice
    Nahh. He doesn't even bother:(
  • 6
    Do you both text, message, facebook or communicate?
    Yes. Like All The Time. 24/7. Totally. 100%
    Kinda. But only if it's for homework:$
    Don't have internet nor a phone. What to do?:(
  • 7
    Has he ever been dared by his friends to propose you, kiss you, hug you, sit with you, or anything like that?
    Well. Yes. But he didn't do it. I guess he was shy: P <3
    Nope. And never will.
    Haha. All the Time. Feels goooodddd >.< <3
    Nopeee.:( Not even once.:(
  • 8
    Does he have a girlfriend? and if he does, does he seem happy?
    He's Taken and he's damnn happyyy:(
    Nope. He's single. phewww: P <3
    He's has one. But he doesn't seem happy with her ;): DDDD
  • 9
    Usually when you talk. What do you usually talk about?
    Nothing. Just "hey" "what's up"
    Life <3 Struggles. Problems. Love Life. Dates.
    WE DON'T TALK -_-
    Umm.. School:(
  • 10
    Important Question. Do you deserve Him?
    I Guess. I mean, We're perfect for each other:)
    Now that I think about it. I guess I could find somebody better
    I think we were made to be together. FOREVER<3

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