How attractive are you on a scale of 1-10?

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    What color are your eyes?

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Unicorn (10681)
196 days ago
I got 10-10 and 5-6, this test is hacked, btw I took it twice, one time clicking on random stuff and the other putting in my details, I got the same thing, well at least I got called beautiful!🦄
just a girl (92374)
197 days ago
What am I even doing? When people see me they literally tell me I'm drop dead gorgeous. Guys can come over to my house basically whenever cuz my parents are always gone. I guess I'm just self conscious bc I just had a jaw surgery and my entire lower jaw is swollen. I don't know when I look in the mirror I don't even recognize myself and I fhink what if everyone's jaws stop dropping when they see me? What if they stopped taking an interest in me and asked me all these questions that I have no or bad answers to. I know my face'll prolly be even hotter after this dumb jaw surgery cuz its reconstructing my jaw a lil bit to make it even better. I'm so tired of people asking me if I'm a virgin or how many guys I've 💗ed. If I've ever been fingered and how many hand jobs I've given. Some may be true but how can ppl just assume that abt me? They dont even know who i am they just see me and assume. right now im not that pretty and i havent been for a week or so and i know in a week my jaw'll prolly get better and ill just be back to my regular "happy, funny, sexy" self people say. of course its nice when ppl say ur pretty but after a while your like "what if its not true". you doubt yourself after so many guys say ur hot and 💗 like "whens a good time for me to comeover" or after meeting me for even a second "what a goddess" or bull💗. they dont see me theyll never see me they just see my face. and the truth is i dont have any real depth. my "depth" is just me reaching into a sack of nothing try to pull out something interesting. but no. im just your regular blonde haired blue eyed hoe. and i cant help it thats just the way i was born. into a privileged family so i can have whatever clothes i want whatever makeup i want i mean seriously whatever i want. ive been thinking for a while if i should dye my hair like a light auburn. ppl always say i should. but idk i was born blonde and i have been all my life. why should i change something like that? because i seem fake as a blonde? well its real. ive been one all my life and ig i can change to become less fake or whatever but wouldnt that make me more fake? idk i guess all these emotions are coming up bc my face is gonna be swollen for a few more days and im a whiny 💗. i have no depth in my emotion, i cant relate to anyone. my life has been a breeze the entire time. the only people that have died in my family i didnt know that well, my parents are still together, i have a great younger brother, enough people that think their my friends, etc. I've never told anyone anything about how I feel because it just seems so pointless. what are my problems to theirs? so many people think they know me but they dont. people ive known since kindergarten dont really know me. i try to expand to new friends every chance i have but im not really a person. im just a pretty face and a cute little body with no depth. nothing to make me feel the depths of emotion. i want to have hearthbreak, but what guy would break up with me? none of them will. ive broken up with every single one of my boyfriends. and not even for good reasons. maybe because i got bored or people told me he wasnt good enough for me even though i knee all these guys were plenty good enough. i push people away because the wall ive been has so much cement i cant even see through the cracks. im literally so fake all the time to everyone and they dont know it. my first instincts are to lie and cheat because i want to have a more interesting story. what am i even doing its 7 am and i stayed up all night doing nothing waiting for this dumb💗swelling on mg face to go down. i guess i want to make friends that understand me but its so hard to show people i care. its hard for me to show my true emotions. sure ill fake a tear every know and then for dumb 💗 but i rarely cry over anything worth crying about. i dont know i guess i just needed to vent and this ad for this test got me thinking. i dont know. im done
Apostolic Pentecostal girl (14640)
200 days ago
I didn't really like this quiz cuz of how judgemental it is but at lest I got called pretty most guys hate me cuz I am not as pop as most of the cute ones but still why so rude
A.E (49501)
200 days ago
It said that I am beautiful bit I don't think I am buy people say I look cute, beautiful, and nice
a random girl (45824)
206 days ago
It said I'm 53 % very beautiful/gorgeous .
I doubt this .
I think I'm decent . But I always doubt myself . Bring myself down a little
Emdy (79657)
213 days ago
Satisfactory results from the start,but why can't I just be 9-10 ?
nadh (34264)
228 days ago
I got 9-10 and 5-6 :/
Already knew this (27275)
237 days ago
Official permanent 💗 face
If I had a nickel for every time you did that (40222)
244 days ago
Apparently my dream girlfriend is the prettiest little girly there is
taco (58886)
249 days ago
For 67 % you are: 9-10
You are very gorgeous! A lot of people love you, and you have a sweet personality.
i like catss (45908)
255 days ago
so judgemental, it doesn't matter what a website says, your beautiful in your own way ( that was so cringe like )
i like catss (45908)
255 days ago
so stupid, it's like the computer version of a bully
softball-lover#13 (44402)
258 days ago
who could say ¨you might need to see a doctor¨ even though thats not what i got still. RUDE MUCH
Betty (95265)
258 days ago
OMG!!!wats dis?dis isn't true...jxt stereotypes involved..Rubbish
izzy (45786)
273 days ago
i got 33% 7-8 33% 9-10 17% 5-6 7% 1-2 and 7% 3-4. i hated it though cuz it said stuff like r u hat or skinny all or not tall some of the questions had nothing to do with beauty just stereotypes
Pissed Off Girl (56604)
274 days ago
I hate how much this quiz stereotypes. Height? How skinny you are? The amount of *friends* you have?
Annoyed person (83607)
277 days ago
I hate the fact that height and the amount of friends you have is used to determine your beauty.
Michaela (42914)
278 days ago
So what the heck is "too tall " or "too short"? This is pretty subjective, because we don't even know what a baseline is and what is considered taller or shorter than that....
Memes (39641)
279 days ago
On question 9, why the hell isn't there a 0 option?
Beth (89886)
280 days ago
I got 9 - 10 :) I'm very happy about that cause I always considered myself pretty average