How attractive are you on a scale of 1-10?

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    What color are your eyes?

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suprabha dey (79213)
751 days ago
well written but i think the answers are not accurate...i am in facebook and most of the guys(i am from india)used to ask out...but i am not too much pretty..i got 7 grade and i think this is correct for me
Haley Shomen (62841)
752 days ago
So what if I'm skinny got blond hair and blue eyes
Haley Shomen (62841)
752 days ago
OMG I got 9-10 I'm soooooooooo not drop dead gorgeous
Derica (86097)
752 days ago
Inner beauty is from within. Dont focus on the outer appearance, but on the inner soul. Dont doubt that you are beautiful based on a quiz. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. The people that have arrogance for their appearance need a beauty from within your personality.Dont let other people put you down.
Aria (67015)
753 days ago
Lol one person has a crush on me I'm not 9-10. I'm not drop dead gorgeous. If I explain how I look like, it could sound really pretty, but reality gets it's way and I'm freakin ugly. I'm a 4-6. But people who got bad scores don't put yourself down. It's the inner beauty that matters.😊
Natasha (37899)
755 days ago
Nobody has a crush on me:o what do i say
Jothi0506 (06587)
763 days ago
Lulu, lol. Howis that even possible!?!?!?
Lulu (06587)
764 days ago
What the 💗???? I did this quiz twice, and I put in exactly the same answers, and one time I got 9-10, and the second time I got 5-6.
Raina (02451)
764 days ago
I got 9-10. Are these people BS-ing me? Although I did test it to see if it was a flattery test and it wasn't, but... truth be told I'm pretty average looking
Meng (67598)
765 days ago
Got 9-10, yay i guess.
Elaina (95820)
769 days ago
Maybe it's true but I got 9-10. Good for my self esteem @ least.
Tianna (29301)
769 days ago
I'm grade 7 this test is fake
JJ (05044)
771 days ago
I'm in the 7th grade, and i got 9 - 10, I think im like a 7.75 tbh
Mary Taylor (97727)
772 days ago
Ummm eyes lips noses eyebrows hair. Duuhhh
Mary Taylor (97727)
772 days ago
My eye color is hazel. But I'll go with brown.
Cameron (48683)
773 days ago
I'm a guy in sophomore year who just stumbled on this site cause I didn't want to do my English Speech Outline.

I found out that if I have Other for everything, I'm still unique and beautiful! (Just like everyone else! :D)

I regret coming here; what am I doing with my life?
Potato (93961)
773 days ago
This quiz was well written but relied on a fairly narrow standard of beauty. Then again I guess it's hard to get around that on a "how pretty are you" quiz.
Alifa Jasim (40561)
775 days ago
My age is 13 and i got 9-10 . This quiz is boring , i think its fake .
Tiarni (88906)
777 days ago
I'm in Grade 5 and I think it's kinda fun but it might put people down and I wouldn't rely on this but it was fun anyway!
EA (65746)
787 days ago
Fun. Wouldn't rely on it though.