How attractive are you on a scale of 1-10?

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    What color are your eyes?

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Anikka (75678)
31 days ago
I got 7-8 and I’m fine with that. But there is a hugeeeeeee amount of people who got gorgeous? I’m not saying that many people aren’t lying but if you’re doing this test and then changing it later to make yourself feel better you have issues 😂 I’m not saying I’m perfect, I got the second best but come on, the majority is probably average. Oops
Kacie (40540)
32 days ago
and I have dark brown hair its not black though just dark brown and not dark dark brown u can tell its brown
Kacie (40540)
32 days ago
I got 9-10 I am beautiful but people and attracted they are jealous and bully me and say I'm a FREAK my eyelashes are way to long ur wearing eye-liner and say I'm wearing blush ITS NOT FAIR its just the BLONDE GIRLS that are jealous bc why else would they tease me? (BC stands for because btw)
Mia (55897)
32 days ago
I got 1/2
Gorgeous a lot of people love❤️🖤💓💛💗💖❣️❣️❣️❣️💚💙💕💘💜💞💝💝💝💝💝💝meeeeeeeeee yes I got the best
Eric (52660)
33 days ago
I got a 7-8 .people have told me I'm a 7 so I think it's spot on
Marcie (68041)
33 days ago
I'm thin, have strikingly bold facial features, am a good person, have only true friends, get crushed on a lot, have low self esteem, and got you might wanna see a doctor. I don't get this. It just made my cry. : (
Marcie (68041)
33 days ago
No offense If you have low self esteem and feel bad about yourself, or everybody around you is verbally abusive, this really hurts. Please take down this quiz. : - Especially because almost everybody who commented is beautiful. What if someone gets another result? And how does eye color, and amount of friends have to do with this? I'm very pretty but it called me ugly. : ( You people don't know how much a few words hurt, not to mention a few paragraphs and others to compare yourself too. : ( : ( : ( Not cool.
Dream (93814)
34 days ago
Everybody is beautiful the way they are and you don’t need an quiz to tell you cause god did not make ugly people because GOD DONT LIKE UGLY
Kaya (57932)
35 days ago
Umm how did I get 9-10? I don’t think I’m that beautiful...
Jasmine (01255)
36 days ago
not true i'm A V R A G E :P
Jeffrey (27002)
37 days ago
How do I know my results hahah
79 but I’m not sure that’s the answer
Hehe (43799)
38 days ago
Okay, I’ll admit the doctor thing that everyone’s talking about it sorta mean. I agree you shouldn’t let this determine how pretty you are, but this makes me feel a lot better personally because I got a 9-10 whatever you got does it matter really? If you didn’t want to know you shouldn’t have taken the quiz whether it was innacurate or accurate.
Sophie (61951)
38 days ago
Idc but this is offenceive u could have said it nicer 27% I was "1-2 you might want to see a doctor"
A 6th grade bi guy (98225)
39 days ago
Lemme tell u something for all the people that say ohh you can't be told how hot u r by a # but this is first a online quiz ment for fun 2 yes you can be judged on how hot you are buy a # or something like you are cute cause your eyes 3 this is very inaccurate cause it is guessing what you look like it can't see what you acualy look like
Bubbles (82592)
39 days ago
9-10 nah I’m ugly lmao
rudeness over 9000 (79497)
39 days ago
i got 7-8 lol but i'm ugly asf
You’re rude (49424)
40 days ago
Why would u say that we need to see a doctor? U r such a mean person
maddieh (02191)
41 days ago
9-10 yasssssw i already knew
bee (49100)
44 days ago
this is disgusting, why should the colour of your eyes or how many friends you have determine whether you are pretty or not? you all are so beautiful in your own different ways, and DO NOT let a computer program tell you otherwise
Abi (78311)
45 days ago
For 53 % you are: 9-10
You are very gorgeous! A lot of people love you, and you have a sweet personality.
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Awe this makes me feel a little better about my self! :)