How attractive are you on a scale of 1-10?

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    What color are your eyes?

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not today (56036)
17 days ago
i got 9/10 buti don't believe it. I WANNA BE A victoria SECRET MODEL IM NOT 9/10 IM 0/10 ;(
Reahkat (86955)
17 days ago
13 years old
115 lbs
Bright blue eyes
Stick-straight Carmel hair
I only were mascara(my eyelashes are dead)
Not stick thin, but not fat
Am I ugly, beautiful, or ok kind of pretty
Chicken Joe (86955)
17 days ago
Hello I am chicken Joe. But my name isnt really Joe, it is really Kevin. Anyways i got 8-10 which is weird because i am a male human taking these tests as a 38 year old, good bye internet
love (17890)
18 days ago
13 Years Old
90 lbs
Hazel Eyes
White Skin
Medium Wavy Black Hair
Never Wears Makeup
am i ugly or pretty?
Kaylee (83914)
18 days ago
Ok i know a lot of people and there kids but how do I know if they have a crush on me maybe people I don't know have a crush on me but I don't know how many people have a crush on me like I don't know how to answer this question (#9)
Acidkat (38522)
20 days ago
im all 10 wow
293746849922947829194874 (89597)
20 days ago
I am I 9-10 I guess , happy with my results
Me333 (24606)
20 days ago
Yo bro my name is joe and I like to sing on the stario and I got 9-10 bro! And you say so? So I say yo bro ur like a singing crow who has a broken toe and your looks are low yo bro!!!
Alice (63600)
21 days ago
Everyone, No matter what, you are beautiful on the inside and out. Don't let your weight drag you down, or your ugliness. be thankful, that you are not having people crushing on you 24/7. It get's super annoying when boys are always proposing to me. Well, have a good day, with your ugly lives :)
Bree (47090)
21 days ago
Yaaaas ima 9-10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sadaf (28411)
21 days ago
Btw : no matter what this quiz says you r still beutiful as hell in your own unique way
Als my boyfriend isnt so hot either. His name is Klaidas
I mean come on who made this quiz....
Sadaf (28411)
21 days ago
You are very gorgeous! A lot of people love you, and you have a sweet personality.
This is what it said
Really ? I thought I was ugly
Well I do have a boyfriend.....
Keep believing... (43577)
22 days ago
14 Years,
Slim Hourglass built,
Bright Blue eyes,
Long, thick eyelashes,
Round face,
Full too red naturally lips,
One zit on otherwise clear face,
Never wear makeup,
Long Brown hair,
All State musician,
Varsity soccer team,
State Mock Trial,
I have done countless citizenship projects,
I can't imagine trying to be mean.
Profile " You are very georgous" but...

Keep believing... I am I suiside survivor. My wrists are full of scars. Because of my severe axiety disorder, I was pulled out of school. I had severe depression also. Half my family is dead. I look back at my past and shudder, but I pulled through. I don't know what you are going through, but it will be all right. I promise. It is amazing I am still alive, just keep believing. Keep believing and know that I love you. Don't give up yet.
Ava (45852)
23 days ago
I'm 53% a 9-10 yes I'm very attractive šŸ˜˜
Callie (71172)
23 days ago
14 years old,
110 pounds,
5 foot 6,
Athletic slim built,
Long legs,
Brown hair with golden and auburn strands in it, not dyed and a bit past shoulders, bangs,
Black eyes with long lashes,
A small birthmark next to my left eye,
I Love solving crime scenes,
Iā€™m a figure skater,
But I have friends that hate me.
So I guess that Iā€™m not good enough...
Girl on here (87111)
24 days ago
I am 13 years old
77 pounds
Long Blond hair
Green eyes
White skin
Really skinny
A little acne on my chin
And some freckles
Kaya (01490)
24 days ago
Remember, this quiz does not determine your looks,more how you view your own looks, which is not always accurate. Your looks do not determine your self worth!
Hating on myself too much (59491)
25 days ago said I'm a 1-2 and that I might wanna see a doctor...My heart and stomach hurts. Well then.
Amy (10243)
25 days ago
19 years old
124 lbs
Blue eyes
Long straight blonde hair
Make-up free
Very heavy smoker (5 packs a day)
Athletic build
Pretty sporty
Jessie (96107)
25 days ago
13 years old
115 pounds
greenish blue eyes
long straight brown hair
play volleyball (middle blocker)
and kinda thicc lol