How attractive are you on a scale of 1-10?

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    What color are your eyes?

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Kejwjfnvosm (09314)
89 days ago
This is inaccurate and kinda of a let down your perfect how ever you are (;
Emma (93404)
90 days ago
I'm 14 and 5'2", 95 pounds, with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. I have really clear skin. I usually wear just like mascara or whatever because there's no point to wearing anything else. I have people tell me literally all the time how gorgeous I am and I have a lot of guys that like me and these were my results
How attractive are you on a scale of 1-10?

For 93 % you are: 9-10
You are very gorgeous! A lot of people love you, and you have a sweet personality.
79 % of 614305 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 7 % you are: 5-6

You are not the best looking, but you are still pretty pretty. As long as you have a good personality, you're good. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are: 7-8

You are very pretty! Not drop dead gorgeous, but you are still very, very, good looking. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are: 1-2

You might want to see a doctor. Profile D

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are: 3-4

Not the best looking, but will still be able to get around in life. You probably have a good personality though! Profile E
Mauricio Tinoco Lambrey (72764)
90 days ago
I got 9-10 will it really blew me away cause all the people ranting me form 8-5 to 8.7 but I felt Good it acutyally mande my day
soph (02757)
91 days ago
i got 9-10

- a little tall for my age
- long but not too long wavy blonde hair
- blue eyes
-pale skin with no acne or freckles.
-i know that 4 guys have crushes on me but others i think do.
-people say im prettier than them but not gushing comments 24/7
Anna Arthur (48028)
91 days ago
I don't think anyone likes me. lol
Bree (42111)
92 days ago
I got 9-10. Some people are like omg she's so lucky but it's actually annoying because stereotypes like I'm a blind so most people at my school think I'm that popular head cheerleader 💗. So yeah😕
Ssksksks (77004)
93 days ago
I got 9-10 but I really doubt it because there’s no way you could measure that through a test this broad also honestly I’m not all that great.•15 y/o
•Dark brown hair / long but not super long
•5’7” in height
•Hazel eyes
•I used to wear glasses but now contacts
•I have different friends for different classes
•I only wear mascara because I don’t care about the rest
•117 pounds
•my face is clear, I rarely ever get acne
•crushing on a guy that’s definitely out of my league because he’s a senior and I’m a freshman but still
he’s a really nice and funny and we’re starting to hang out a lot more but sadly school is about to end and I’m ranting now so imma stop myself.Oh yeah and I’m a girl ‘,:)
Alex (89059)
93 days ago
I'm a girl, 12 y/o and I got 9-10, how?!

Here's what I look like;

1.Green eyes but many people say they're hazel.(I just said Green to be simple)

2..Brown hair

3: Long straight hair that I usually wear in a messy bun and LOADS of hair comes out at the front I mean TONS

4:Small, round head

5: I have to wear glasses SOMETIMES at school and when watching television or a movie.

6: I'm skinny but that skinny.

7.. Freckles in some places on my face.

I don't understand!
lonely guy (86348)
93 days ago

i'm a dude in my early mid teens,
-deep blue eyes,
-dirty blond
-'oblong' face shape
-one or two small pimples
-'rhomboid' body shape

no girls will actually go out with me, but i know from different people that they like me. i don't know how to ask girls out, but i need help, please give me advice :-
Anonymous (34946)
94 days ago
I'm not sure I should have 9-10...

Age: 13
-green eyes
-average height
- wavy black hair
-sometimes wears glasses...not all the time
-oval face

OK, I shouldn't have 9-10.
Crystal (06060)
94 days ago
Hey I’m pretty happy with my score so I’m just going to say what I look like lol:

-blue-grey eyes
-quite tall
-light-ish brown hair with blonde bits in it
-few freckles on my nose
-really skinny (too skinny!!)
-I’m 12
-I weigh 6stone 3
-crushing on someone who may like me back!!!
Just Another Heartbroken Girl (22508)
95 days ago
Age: 13
Eye color: Black/dark Brown
Hair: straight and long; black
Height: 5’6”
Body shape: Hourglass?
Weight: 135
Status: Single; crushing on a girl who likes someone else (boy)
Quiz results: 33% I am 5-6
20% I am 1-2
20% I am 9-10
13% 7-8
13% 3-4
I don’t think any boys like me.. or girls for that matter.
Bianca Shipham (93979)
95 days ago
I’m 12 green eyes mid brown hair average body 155 cm is my height Lots of the freckles and Is sweet and nice to everyone
Ruby mai schapp (67251)
95 days ago
Oh I also got 9-10 that is to high for me
Ruby mai schapp (67251)
95 days ago
I am 11
Blue eyes
Dark brown hair
Skinny but not to skinny
Autism so not much friends
Short for my age but when I was younger didn’t grow at all
I used to have a crush on someone
Trisha Ashley Morgan (27224)
96 days ago
I am 14
Brown eyes
Dark brown hair
5'3 and a half inches long
And the biggest crush on a guy named JD..
Anonymous (24954)
97 days ago
I am a teen and I got 9-10
I have brown hair
Green eyes
Hourglass figure
And a crush on a boy, but the boy I like stares at me but doesn't talk to me, and the boys that like me are dumb and not even decent or have a good personality
PBoss (80753)
97 days ago
All you KIDS should stop arguing over being pretty or not and obviously, I am talking about Caitlyn and Clara. I mean- get a grip on yourselves. We are all teens or preteens so please stop acting like 10 year olds. I do not need trouble, just trying to settle things.

Boi (49090)
98 days ago
I'm a teen and I got 9-10
How though?

-I have slight freckles
-short hair (shrinkage is real with my curly hair)
-I'm pretty short for my age (5'2)
-I don't really know how to describe my body, I'm no where near skinny but I'm also not extremely fat. I have a pretty big chest, butt, thighs and I also have a slight stomach. My hips are there but not at the same time. I have a slight waist.
-I used to have braces
-I have big brown eyes
-My face is round (I have apparent big-ish cheeks), my eyebrows are really light but also have a shape, I wear minimal makeup (mascara and eyebrows if I'm not lazy that day)

To top that all off, I rarely talk because I suffer from major anxiety sooo
Cookie (78121)
99 days ago
I also have

-Medium hair
-No make up (I just don't like it)