How attractive are you on a scale of 1-10?

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15 Questions - Developed by: Dudeface - Developed on: - 2.765.836 taken - User Rating: 2.88 of 5.0 - 338 Votes

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    What color are your eyes?

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welp ( 25478 )
Posted 368 days ago
The person who made this is either very young, or based this on their preferences.
stylish girl ( 63635 )
Posted 373 days ago
They said I am gorgeous
blab ( 34119 )
Posted 374 days ago
whatever this quiz says about u is just a quiz. u should know that the people who truly find u gorgeous is a friend and whoever says ur not is just jealous of ur enormouse heart. trust me:)
Alexx ( 97191 )
Posted 374 days ago
33% 7-8
33% 9-10
Honoka ( 19647 )
Posted 377 days ago
This is...very harsh. I feel like the quiz's creator is probably a young person, or a person with not a lot of social experience/insight on life. I feel like the 'correct answers' for the questions are biased solely towards the creator's personal preferences, such as when they asked about hair colour, eye colour, height and so forth. To those who obtained a result that they are unsatisfied with, please do not let it define you just because one person's deluded ideas of society standards does not conform with yours. Don't let this dent your confidence - perhaps society has already named the beautiful people like stars, but keep in mind that in the eyes of many, many people, you're brighter than the sun! :-)
Bdhdhdj ( 42558 )
Posted 384 days ago
Doesn't matter ( 50572 )
Posted 387 days ago
The reason friends was on there was because if you have a lot of friends that tends to mean that you have a more outgoing personality. Smiling psychologically makes people view you as pretty.
Judo ( 66241 )
Posted 395 days ago
This quiz is quite 💗 lotso, I agree, how do these quetions prove if your pretty or not! Totally don't let it make you think that you are any less than you are.
lotso ( 80349 )
Posted 396 days ago
This quiz is 💗. Don't let it determine your beauty. Half the questions are unanswerable, because they don't include "other". I also don't understand how having different color hair may change your attractiveness.
leebuhle ( 64519 )
Posted 402 days ago
some questions in this thing are unecessary and hideous
Meisha ( 01875 )
Posted 404 days ago
I got 33% (9-10)!! Yas..
Perfectly Unique ( 63629 )
Posted 417 days ago
I got 9-10 (53%).... Then I'm looking at the other results and I got 1-2 (7%) 😂
Loveforhorses8820 ( 36799 )
Posted 418 days ago
9-10?! Wowsers never thought I was that pretty or attractive. :)
Alexandra ( 95963 )
Posted 421 days ago
Yeah 9 Out Of 10 HAHA
Sam ( 84147 )
Posted 422 days ago
I did it and got 9-10, but I did it a second time and got 7-8. Weird.
sophia ( 51167 )
Posted 428 days ago
this is stuiped we r all beautyful and we all know it, (i got 100 9-10)
Maddie ( 71415 )
Posted 439 days ago
Also the comment whose name is 😖 I agree so much God thinks you are gorgeous no matter who you are there's no need to feel like u need a "second opinion" so just be happy the way you r I love u all!! Stay happy and always smile trust me it will change your life 🙂
Maddie ( 71415 )
Posted 439 days ago
Same I got 9-10 but I feel like I deserve the 1-2 lol
Irisaurus ( 71405 )
Posted 444 days ago
I'm a 9-10, but I highly doubt that lol
Jordanlu03(Instagram) ( 99274 )
Posted 447 days ago
Lol, this is definitely for girls