Your journey through the zombie apocalypse

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Are you tough enough to fight it out or will you become an easy target?

  • 1
    On the news, you hear of a zombie outbreak. What do you do?
    Lock yourself in the closet and wait till it's over
    Who cares? it's probably just a joke
    Call loved ones to check if they are safe and fine
    Scream and run around like crazy
    Lock the doors and windows up
  • 2
    You see a zombie outside your window trying to get in, what now?
    Stay quiet and keep an eye on it
    Jump out the window and kick some zombie but!
    Throw something at it
    Call it stupid and laugh at it
  • 3
    After 20 minutes. There are no signs of zombies. What will you do with yourself now?
    Pack food, weapons and head out
    Stay and guard the door with a weapon
    Make a snack and watch t.v
  • 4
    Your outside in the scary and dangerous world. You notice a abandoned police car. you...
    Don't go near it- risky
    Use it to drive out of this hell bent city
    Check it for guns and ammo
    Bash the heck out of it to let my anger out
  • 5
    As you’re driving along. At least 30 zombies are heading towards you. What should you do?
    There is no point- commit suicide
    Let them attack me
    Turn around and go back
    Do a drive by shooting, running them over as you go
  • 6
    After 2 hours of driving. The car breaks down. You are stranded on a highway. You see 5 survivor's coming over loaded with guns. What now?
    Shoot them and take their weapons
    Avoid them
    Join them
  • 7
    You decided to tag along with them. On the way, you see a supermarket down the road. What will you get from there?
    HELL NO. I am not going near there. zombies might be around!
    Clothes and magazines
    Food- DUH
  • 8
    After a week. 2 of the five survivors got mauled by zombies. It’s just you and remaining members. You find a bag full of weapons. What would you pick from that bag?
    Machine gun
    Throwing knives
  • 9
    One of the survivors got bitten. What would be the best choice for her and the rest of you?
    Let her stay but make the others keep an eye on her
    Wait until she becomes a zombie then shoot her
    Leave her and carry on
    Kill her before it's to late
    Give the wound medical attention and hope for the best
  • 10
    You see a big, hungry zombie limping towards you. How will you kill it?
    Shoot it in the head
    Throw a grenade at it
    Kick it in the stomach really hard
    Set it on fire
    Cut it's limbs of with a chainsaw
  • 11
    After 5 days. The last 2 survivors of your group killed themselves because they couldn't take any more of this. Now, it's just you. What will you do now?
    Die in a hole
    Keep going, killing zombies on the way
    Raid homes for food
    Go back home
  • 12
    It's been a few days. You see a little puppy walking around. What would you do with him?
    Keep him as a snack for later....
    Keep as your pet and give him a cool name
    Give him to the zombies - cruel I know
    Leave him alone- might have rabies or something
  • 13
    You kept the puppy [unless you ate it]. You’re trekking through the forest and you injure your leg. You’re feeling too weak to carry on. What now?
    Be careful and keep moving forward
    Become zombie dinner
    Shoot yourself
    Set up camp for a few days until your leg has healed
  • 14
    After 3 days. Your leg is better. You come across a truck but with a man in it. You...
    Go past him
    Shoot him and steal his car
    Approach him but with gun in hand- could be dangerous
  • 15
    The man is friendly and offers you a lift to the nearest town. You join him with your puppy. On the way, a group of zombies a running at you. What should be done?
    Stop the car and get your guns to shoot them
    Just keep driving at full speed and knocking them over
    Let the dog chew a zombies arm of out the window as you go by
  • 16
    You find a deserted town but with a few dead bodies here and there. Your new friend spots a zombie girl. What now?
    Make the puppy chew feet off
    Slap her in the face and run of laughing
    Make fun of how weird she walks and looks
    Shoot her in the heart 3 times
    Leave the town ASAP
  • 17
    After a couple of days. Your friend decides he wants to go his own way. What will you do?
    Who cares? Never liked him anyway
    Beg him not to leave you alone
    Convince him that 2 is better than 1
    Accept his decision and go your separate ways to
  • 18
    You’re alone again but you still have your adorable puppy with you. You see about 50 zombies from distance. What’s next?
    Leave quietly without them noticing you
    Run like a mad man towards them with a chainsaw
    Shoot them one by one from the distance
    Keep watch on them
  • 19
    It's been a few months since the zombie apocalypse. You still have plenty of supplies and loaded weapons. Your puppy id now a strong, healthy dog. What do you want to do with your life now?
    Killing more zombies- that's how I roll
    Return home to see if any of my friends or family survived
    I don't know
    Settle down in a safe home
  • 20
    Do you think you will survive a zombie apocalypse?
    Maybe.....not sure
    I'll have to wait and see.....
    No way!
    Yes- DUH

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