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    Did you look up "Love quizzes" Because of that one guy you like?
    Nope. I did this because my friend forced me to -_-
    Nah, I wanted to be sure I knew when my future crush likes me: P
    Yeah <3 I looked up more than twice!
    Yes! He's too cute to deny! <3
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    Do you catch him staring at you, more than anyone else?
    Yes... But he only stares at me when I’m late to class:/
    Nope. But I caught him staring behind me once... Close enough: P
    Yes! I look at him and he even turns away after another two seconds!
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    Does he ask if he can work with you on a school task?
    No, But he has asked if I could help him with something he's struggling with
    Yes. I said yes, and we end up talking more than working sometimes lol <3:)
    Yeah, but I say no because I work with my best friend instead:) <3
    No. He is way too cool for me:( </3
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    Do his friends and himself go silent when you and your besties walk past him?
    No. He talks louder even:/
    He sees me, but he still talks to his mates, I talked to my friends too <3
    No. he just ignores me because I’m that invisible!:( </3
    Yes! I look at them and when I leave, they all of a sudden are laughing and whispering and acting silly..:/ <3
  • 5
    Do you talk daily? Or at least weekly?
    We talk daily and we have the best convos no girl best friends would ever talk
    We talk weekly, and it's always awesome and slow, I feel so connected to him <3:)
    We talk monthly:/ But the conversation is always refreshing and awesome and long when we do talk!:)
    We talk YEARLY! And maybe not even that short!:( </3
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    Has he ever smiled at you for longer than ten seconds? Or maybe smiling with half teeth showing, and laughing furiously when you say something the least bit funny?
    He laughs and smiles and everything! He is like my guy friend and he is almost as good at my best girl friends:) <3
    He doesn't smile for that long, but he only laughs when I make a funny comment or statement
    He laughs, but that is only when we text each other. Talk about the fake 'Lol' wars:/: P
    He laughs, with his friends, not me:( </3
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    Were you ever caught staring at something, like the wall, and he would stare where you're staring?
    Nope. But I stare where he stares and he stares at other girls:( </3
    Yeah, but he then goes to his best mate and he talks about it. Like I stared at a picture, and he made a remark to his friends about it!
    Nah, but I sometimes "wake him up" from his daydream and he laughs lol
    Yes! Then we make eye contact and he smiles or starts talking to me:) <3
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    Does he like the same stuff as you? Or do you say something you like and he says he likes it too?
    He does and he even says he loves my style sometimes and says I have awesome taste! <3:)
    Yeah... But he doesn't agree, he just says that it's okay I guess and he just says something to his mates: P:/ <3
    Nope. He doesn't like talking about interests...:/: P
    No! He says that I like stupid stuff! He doesn't even SAY that because he doesn't know I EXIST!
  • 9
    What does his name start with?
  • 10
    Has he complimented you in any way?
    No, but I had the nerve to compliment him, he said thanks and walked off without complimenting me </3:/:(:)
    Yes and I smiled, said thanks, and complimented him back with a friendly grin:) <3: D
    No! I've complimented him.... In my mind <3:(:/
    Yes, but I just said thanks like an idiot and walked off like a retard
  • 11
    How long have you two been friends?
    Nah, We talk but we aren't exactly friends...:/
    We have been friends for years now! Ever since kindergarten!
    We have been friends for a while, but we hardly talk:/ <3:(
    We aren't friends... Are we talking reality or fantasy? I know I’m talking fantasy:( </3

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