What horse breed are you?

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Find out what breed you are! Are you a Shetland Pony, Arabian, Clydesdale, Mustang, or Thoroughbred?

  • 1
    You are a horse, and your owner comes into the pasture holding a lead rope and some treats. You know this means you are going back into your stall. You...
    Walk eagerly towards your owner. You love food!
    I don't have and owner, I'm wild remember?
    Wait for the owner come but then plant your feet in the ground and don't move.
    Prance around, for a bit and then full out bolt to the other half of the field.
    Run away for about half an hour and then stand still and let them catch you.
  • 2
    Do you care about your paddock friends?
    Yes, I have lots and lots of friends! I'm super popular!
    Who cares, as long as I can win against them in a race!
    I have about 5-10, and I would protect them with my life!
    Of course! I have a few friends and I love them to bits!
    What friends? If I ever do get a friend, they don't stay for long.
  • 3
    Which one best describes you?
    I am very beautiful, and people tell me that alot!
    I am the tallest out of all my friends! But I never use my size to hurt anyone.
    I am medium sized, and I have lots of muscles.
    I am tall and thin, which helps me play lots of sports!
    I'm short and stubby, but I always get my way and I like to act bigger than I am!
  • 4
    Which would you rather do if you were a horse?
    Show jumping, cross country, or halter classes.
    I can pull anything, I love helping people!
    I only like little kids, nobody else!
    Run wild and free!
  • 5
    Which words describe you the best?
    Caring, gentle, kind.
    Showy, flashy, beautiful/handsome, and a show-off.
    Stubborn, short, and bossy.
    Strong, protective, brave, and sometimes a rebel.
    Tall, fast, and competitive.
  • 6
    Which would you rather be doing?
    Helping people!
    Hanging out with my friends and gossiping!
    Sitting by myself in my room.
    Out of this place, I want freedom!
  • 7
    If you were in highschool, which one would you be?
    The captain on every sports team.
    The quiet one, who doesn't have alot of friends but cares about everyone anyways.
    What? Highschool? I'm wild, remember?
    The cheerleader/gossip.
    That kid that always fights with the teacher and wins.
  • 8
    When people tease you, you react by...
    Quietly run off. They don't matter anyways. I'll get revenge when they least expect it!
    Teasing? What's teasing? I've never been teased!
    Psshh. They're just jealous because they can never win against me!
    Break down and cry, I hate it when people tease me!
    Yelling back an even worse insult!
  • 9
    What is your dream vacation?
    Somewhere nice, but close to home.
    A fancy beach resort, where I can hang out and party with my friends!
    I travel all over the country, so I've been everywhere already!
    Anywhere that has nice people and lots of food!
    Backcountry camping somewhere that hasn't been discovered yet.
  • 10
    Which is most important to you?
    Being the leader of everything!
    Having lots and lots of friends.
  • 11
    What do people say to you the most?
    "I can't believe you got away with that!
    "Oh come one, just do it already!"
    "You're so pretty/handsome!"
    "What? How did you win?"
    "Boy, you've gotten tall!"
  • 12
    You’re at a party, what do you do first?
    Go hide in the bathroom, I hate social events.
    Try to win a game!
    DANCE DANCE DANCE and then chat with my friends the DANCE again!
    I would never be at a party.
  • 13
    How would your friends describe you?
    Quiet, mysterious, and a rebel.
    Hyper and crazy, but also beautiful and intelligent.
    What friends?
    Caring, loving, and selfless.
    Way too competitive.
  • 14
    What do you think you could do for a living?
    Modeling or fashion design!
    An explorer, that way no one gets in my way!
    Anywhere that I'm the boss, and I don't have to talk to people!
    Professional sports.
    A doctor or a nurse, or something where I can care for people.
  • 15
    If you were a horse, what type of rider would you want?
    What rider?
    A little kid maybe, other people get bucked off!
    A pretty advanced rider, who loves jumping and running around!
    Someone who doesn't mine going fast.
    Anyone, from beginner to advanced, big to small, young to old.

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