Critical Workplace Skills

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  • 1
    _________________ are examples of things that you should never put on your résumé.
    Former jobs and supervisors
    Age and religion
    Previous Income and vacation time
    Grades and attendance
  • 2
    The portion of your résumé that should be the most prominent is __________________.
    Your references
    You job skill qualifications
    Your name
    Your volunteer service
  • 3
    The purpose for listing extracurricular activities would be to ______________________.
    Show that you are well-rounded and active.
    Try to get in good with the boss.
    Try to get on the company softball team.
    Show what you will be doing on days off.
  • 4
    Volunteer service is important to put on a résumé so that _________________.
    Companies can meet their humanitarian quotas.
    You get raises more quickly.
    You demonstrate a desire to help others.
    You show your leadership skills.
  • 5
    The main reason for not including a photo on your résumé would be to avoid ______________.
  • 6
    Listing too many jobs on your résumé may give the impression that __________________.
    You like to keep moving around at jobs to keep things interesting.
    You are not capable of keeping a job for a long period of time.
    You are resourceful and are able to get many jobs.
    You cannot get along with people very well.
  • 7
    A résumé is the primary contact with a potential employer and the first chance to leave ___________. (While some of the answers are partially correct, select the best answer).
    Personal contact information
    Your references
    Your brief work history
    A good impression
  • 8
    Transferable skills refer to skills that ___________________.
    You can pass on to another person.
    Allow you to use those skills in a variety of jobs.
    Require great amounts of college training.
    Change as you are transferred from one position to another.
  • 9
    Before putting someone as a reference you should make sure they _____________________.
    Can be easily reached.
    Have a copy of your resume to look at.
    Know who you are.
    Have been asked and will speak highly of you.
  • 10
    When designing the layout of your résumé it is important that ____________________.
    You choose a style that highlights your best qualities first.
    You show your creative side.
    You always put things in chronological order.
    Your font and text size vary throughout the résumé.

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