Does the shy guy have feelings for you?

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You want to know whether or not the shy guy you like is interested in you? Take this quiz and find out. I guarantee it's one of the most accurate quizzes you will ever find.

  • 1
    How does he react when he sees you?
    He doesn’t do anything
    He smiles at you and waves
    He briefly looks up, then returns to whatever he was doing
    He goes over to greet you/invites you over
    He makes eye contact with you and holds it for a second before looking away
  • 2
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
    More often than not
    It seems like all he ever does is stare at me
    No, never
    There was that one time a few weeks ago...
  • 3
    What does he do when you catch him staring?
    He looks away and looks back when he doesn’t think I notice
    He never stares at me, remember
    He blushes and quickly looks away
    He smiles and returns to his work
    We hold each others gazes for a second before he looks away
  • 4
    How long have you known him?
    A few weeks
    I've known him since we were babies
    About a year
    We've just met
    More than a year, but less than five
  • 5
    How does he act when he talks with you?
    He acts just like he does with everyone else
    He glances around as if looking for an escape/We don't talk
    He tries to act cool and composed but it's obvious he's nervous
    We laugh and joke around, just having a good time
    He always seems completely absorbed in whatever I'm doing
  • 6
    He is... And you are...?
    Same age
    Way older/younger
    Way younger/older
  • 7
    How does he act when your friends mention you to him?
    He gets uncomfortable and tries to change the subject
    He doesn't know who I am
    He blushes and acts nervous but talks with them
    He seems nonchalant and indifferent
    He seems impatient and avoids saying much
  • 8
    Has he ever...
    Touched you(held hands, tapped shoulder, etc.)?
    All of the above?
    None of the above?
    Hugged you?
    Messed around with/playfully teased you?
  • 9
    How do his friends act around you?
    They make teasing jokes about me and him
    I don't know his friends
  • 10
    On a scale of 1 to 5(with 5 being the highest), how much do you like him?
    2, he's okay
    1, I don't like him at all
    4, I really, really like him
    5, I think I might be in love...
    3, I like him
  • 11
    Do you think he likes you(and be HONEST)?
    There might be a slim chance
    No, not at all
    I don't know, that's why I'm taking this quiz
    I'm pretty confident
  • 12
    How are his pupils when you and him are looking at each other?
    They seem to be about normal size
    They look tiny
    They seem dilated and huge
    I don't know, he never looks at me
    I haven't noticed, I'll check next time
  • 13
    If he saw you were upset, would he...?
    Ask what's wrong, but not really try to help?
    Do nothing?
    Look worried and tell one of your friends?
    Do a double take but not do anything?
    Put his arm around you and ask what's wrong?
  • 14
    Does he a girlfriend?
    Yes, they seem happy
    Nope, and he likes being single
    I'm not sure
    Yes, but they seem distant...
    No, and I think I remember him mentioning that he would like one
  • 15
    Does he ever find an excuse to be near you, or show up at the same places as you, mysteriously?
    Yes, but that's only because we participate in the same events
    All the time

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Nathania ( 7.153 )
Posted 13 hours ago
OMG the shy guy :#***** CONFESSED TO ME THAT HE LIKES ME! now i like him too~~~ but im so nervous!!!!!!!!!
what am i suposed to do!!!!!!!
my friends are shipping
his friend are shipping
he blushes when he looks at me
I blush when i lok at him
when we both meet we pretend we dont know that happened and yeah..
:P ( 1.122 )
Posted 143 days ago
I used to like him and Im almost positive he didnt like me then. Now he's acting... Well.... Different. We almost never talk, he doesnt answer my texts, and whenever someone asks, "So hows (My name)??" He just changes the subject. Good job man. I-L
Helena ( 9.189 )
Posted 150 days ago
Question 14 has really poor grammar :(
....... ( 2.150 )
Posted 207 days ago
Everyone says we are destined to be together. We are shipped by everyone, and he USED to be my friend. Someone told him i liked him and I dont talk to him much anymore because it is awkward. I used to be afraid of him. Everyone says he likes me but i will never believe a word of that bull crap.
????? ( 2.150 )
Posted 256 days ago
Seems legit ( 2.150 )
Posted 343 days ago
He likes you! Go for it girl!