What sexuality are you?

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Are you asexual (not sexually attracted to anyone), hetero (straight), homo (lesbian), bi or pan (men, women and trans*) or just bored!: D (I am openly bi and if I get any wrong, just tell me!)

  • 1
    Which do you prefer?
  • 2
    Which to you fantasize about?
  • 3
    Who do you think you'd marry?
  • 4
    How do you feel about Feminism?
  • 5
    If you had to pick, who is the most influential?
  • 6
    Which statement is most like you?
  • 7
    How would you describe yourself?
  • 8
    Have you ever been turned on by a girl?
  • 9
    Have you ever been in a relationship with a man that you liked?
  • 10
    Why did you take the test?

Comments (58)


Emma (00026)
8 days ago
I think I'm either pan or straight
Bkoko (54635)
17 days ago
60% asexual
20% lesbian

I'm pretty sure that I'm asexual. ;) Hehe
Chantelle (63728)
18 days ago
I think i am bisexual but i attract more towards boys and boyish girls.
Abbi (81002)
18 days ago
I'm bi and I think I like woman more
18 days ago
I'm bi with a preference of a male
Im literally 10 percent by this quiz isn't very accurate
Mar (40406)
20 days ago
Yay I'm 50% straight
Idk (76759)
26 days ago
Bisexual *beesst of both worlds**
Alex (35104)
30 days ago
It says I’m lesbian but I’m a guy guess I’m straight
Hannah d (81770)
30 days ago
I guess I'm bisexual;)
Ming Xi (90008)
32 days ago
40% asexual, 30% pansexual, 20% bisexual, 10% lesbian and 0% straight...

I mean, I guess? It does make sense but what the fuhhhh??
Anonymous (74622)
36 days ago
I'm 90% asexual
And 10% heterosexual
No (10263)
43 days ago
O% straight my life lol
No (10263)
43 days ago
I am bi with a preference of girl I got lesbian good job
Anonymous (81079)
45 days ago
80% pansexual.
20% bisexual.

I believe I have found my answer to this question.
Ya no (73411)
51 days ago
I’m an a-sexual lesbian and proud

Aye ladiez
Reka (68679)
59 days ago
But I guess it did help me a bit
Reka (68679)
59 days ago
I'm 40% bi, 30% gay, 20% asexual, 10% pansexual,
And 0% straight. Now I'm even more confused, I
Already knew I wasn't straight,but now I'm confused if I'm gay or bi. Why couldn't it be a straight up answer like "your bi" or "your gay"?
Jos (01074)
59 days ago
I am unsure sbt mine and after taking this test im more confused
KT (85945)
60 days ago
60% Straight
30% Asexual
10% Bisexual
0% Lesbian
0% Pansexual
Karla (53466)
61 days ago
So I’m Bigender and a lesbian. Well sexuality doesn’t make sense :D