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Final Exam Review

  • 1
    1. Which of the following is the environmental analysis option under NEPA that requires the most rigorous analysis?
    Incidental Take Permit
    Environmental Assessment
    Categorical Exclusion
    Environmental Impact Statement
  • 2
    Why did Clinton announce the designation of Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monument from Arizona, and not from Utah where the monument is located?
    Because the western-most office for the Secretary of the Interior is in Flagstaff
    It’s too hard to get across the Grand Canyon during election season
    They were afraid for his safety in Utah with this controversial announcement
    To get more people in Arizona to vote for his reelection
  • 3
    In order, who designates National Parks and National Monuments?
    The President and Congress
    The president does both
    Congress and the President
    Congress does both
  • 4
    Which of the following is not one of the typical components of forest plans?
    Determining environmental effects of projects
    Identifying a monitoring strategy
    Identifying management goals and standards
    Zoning lands for various uses
  • 5
    Which of the following cases led Congress to amend the ESA and include a provision for a God Squad?
    Center for Biological Diversity v. Lujan
    U.S. v. Billie
    Tennessee Valley Authority v. Hill
    Robertson v. Methow Valley Citizens Council
  • 6
    Generally, Congress passes wilderness bills if which of the following is true:
    The Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture support the bill
    The state delegation to Congress all support the bill
    The governor from the state where the wilderness is designated supports it
    A majority of Congress supports the bill
  • 7
    Who is considered the “father” of the U.S. Forest Service?
    Teddy Roosevelt
    Gifford Pinchot
    John Muir
    Bob Marshall
  • 8
    Under the Wilderness Act, which is true of mining?
    It was allowed for pre-existing claims prior to 1964 and new claims were allowed for another 20 years
    It was prohibited in wilderness in all cases
    It was allowed only if there was a pre-existing claim prior to 1964
    It was allowed in specially designated areas only
  • 9
    Which of the following serves as the organic act for the Bureau of Land Management?
    The Taylor Grazing Act
    The National Forest Management Act
    The Endangered Species Act
    The Federal Land Policy and Management Act
  • 10
    Under the Organic Act of 1897, what were the primary uses of National Forests?
    Timber harvest, recreation, and watershed protection
    Timber harvest and oil/gas development
    Timber harvest and watershed protection
    Timber harvest and recreation
  • 11
    When an agency is overly influenced by a special interest group, this is called:
    Political pandering
    Venue shopping
    Insider trading
    Agency Capture
  • 12
    Which Act requires the Forest Service to provide for a diversity of plant and animal communities?
    The Federal Land Policy and Management Act
    The National Forest Management Act
    The Multiple Use Sustained Yield Act
    The Endangered Species Act
  • 13
    What species almost prevented construction of the Tellico Dam?
    Delta smelt
    Snail darter
    Humpback chub
  • 14
    Section 7 of the ESA covers
    Taking of species
    Private land regulations
    Listing and critical habitat designation
  • 15
    Which of the following is supposed to be based on best available science only under the ESA?
    All of the above
    God Squad decisions to allow a species to go extinct
    Whether critical habitat should be designated
    Whether a species should be listed
  • 16
    Which of the following is not an aspect of rulemaking?
    Congressional veto power over agency rules
    The opportunity for judicial review
    Notifying the public of proposed rules and decisions
    Accepting public comment
  • 17
    The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 provides the framework for:
    Rulemaking and judicial review of agency actions
    Environmental impact analysis
    Hiring procedures for federal agencies
    The separation of budgetary and planning power within an agency
  • 18
    A Biological Opinion is written by:
    The wildlife agencies to determine whether an action agency will jeopardize a species
    The wildlife agencies to determine if a private landowner will harm a species
    A private landowner in order to receive an incidental take permit
    The action agency to determine if their plans will harm a species
  • 19
    The Multiple Use Sustained Yield Act requires:
    Consideration of the combination of multiple uses to best meet the needs of the people
    Protection of wildlife before any other uses can take place
    All National Forests to include all uses in their forest plans
    A balance of uses that will provide the greatest dollar return
  • 20
    Discretion results from:
    Adequate funding
    Agency capture
    Citizen suits
    Vague laws
  • 21
    Which of the following statutes does not include a major emphasis on land use planning?
    The National Forest Management Act
    The Endangered Species Act
    The National Environmental Policy Act
    The Federal Land Policy and Management Act
  • 22
    Legislation that is written to declare the creation of a specific National Park is called:
    Organic legislation
    Creation legislation
    Declaration legislation
    Establishment legislation
  • 23
    Forest plans are meant to:
    Zone National Forests for different uses and set management standards for that forest
    Clarify whether multiple use will take place on each National Forest
    Allow the Forest Service to avoid NEPA
    Prevent the public from unduly influencing National Forest management
  • 24
    Which of the following acts is not a multiple or dual use statute?
    Federal Land Policy and Management Act
    National Forest Management Act
    Park Service Organic Act
    Endangered Species Act
  • 25
    A provision in the annual budget bill that has nothing to do with the federal budget is called:
  • 26
    Which of the following is not allowed in Wilderness?
    Commercial enterprise
    Management of fire and insects for public safety
  • 27
    Forest management has been characterized by conflict since WWII. Which of the following was not a contributing factor?
    Lack of clarity in the multiple use concept
    Post-war housing boom
    Over-harvesting during the 1920s and 1930s
    Rise in recreation on public lands
  • 28
    Every year Congress, in an annual budget bill, decides how much money to give the agencies to do their jobs. This is called:
    Assigning legislation
    Authorizing legislation
    Establishment legislation
    Appropriations legislation
  • 29
    Under NEPA, a major federal action that will significantly affect the environment must be accompanied by:
    An Environmental Assessment
    An Environmental Impact Statement
    An Incidental Take Permit
    A Finding of No Significant Impact
  • 30
    Which of the following statutes was passed prior to 1969?
    The National Forest Management Act
    The National Environmental Policy Act
    The Endangered Species Act
    The Antiquities Act
  • 31
    Which of the following is true of National Monument designation?
    They are for areas of historic and scientific value to the American people
    They should be the largest size compatible with management of the objects to be protected
    National Monuments may not contain roads
    They are usually created by Congress
  • 32
    Which of the following is not one of the primary purposes of public lands planning?
    Identifying budgetary needs in future years
    Identifying management goals and standards
    Involving the public and looking at alternative approaches to achieving goals
    Zoning lands for various uses
  • 33
    Maintaining a mining claims requires:
    None of the above
    You do at least $10, 000 of work per year on your claim
    Proving discovery to scientists at the local BLM office
    Extraction of minerals
  • 34
    Eastern water law is known as:
    None of the above
    Prior appropriation
    Riparian doctrine
    Winter’s doctrine
  • 35
    The Taylor Grazing Act established:
    Water rights
    Species protection on BLM land
    None of the above
    Grazing districts
  • 36
    Prior appropriation doctrine involves all of the following except:
    No deficit sharing during times of drought
    Forfeiture in cases of non-use
    A first-in-time, first-in-right rule
    Water rights for all landowners with property adjacent to water
  • 37
    Say you have a small 3-acre mining claim on BLM land that is open to exploration. Once you discover valuable hardrock minerals on your land, you have a right to:
    Apply for a permit to begin mining
    Full property ownership
    Build anything on the surface that might be considered incidental to mining activity
    Extract all minerals as long as you pay a royalty to the government
  • 38
    When a law or policy leads people to take actions that are contrary or opposite to the policy’s goal, we say the policy is an example of:
    Agency capture
    A perverse incentive
    A policy window
    An externality
  • 39
    Wilderness bills usually require what to pass?
    Support from the state’s senior senator
    Agreement among a state’s Congressional delegation
    Gubernatorial support
    Presidential support
  • 40
    A species that is designated as “warranted-but-precluded” is:
    One that has been petitioned for listing but no decision has been made
    A species that is in need of less protection than a threatened species
    A species that should be listed but can’t be listed due to lack of funds
    One that the USFWS is reviewing for possible listing
  • 41
    Which branch of government houses the federal land management agencies?
  • 42
    With regard to water, what is true of Native American tribes?
    They are allocated enough water to meet their needs, and their rights date back to their treaty dates
    They are allocated enough water to survive winter, but not necessarily to irrigate in summer
    They are allocated water by interstate compacts ratified by Congress
    They have to abide by the standards of prior appropriation like all other citizens
  • 43
    Which law is not particularly relevant for National Forest management?
    The National Forest Management Act
    The Federal Land Policy and Management Act
    The Endangered Species Act
    The National Environmental Policy Act
  • 44
    Some wilderness areas allow motorcraft:
    I don't know
  • 45
    A wilderness area could include all of the following except:
    Signs indicating where you are
    A new mining claim
    An old and unused logging road

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