Plate tectonics

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  • 1
    What are three types of boundaries?
    Transform divergent convergent
    Fault trench earthquake
    Strikeslide reverse normal
  • 2
    Which way does a normal fault?
  • 3
    What do tectonic plates consist of?
    The crust and outermost area of the mantle
    The crust and the outer most layer of lithoshpere
    Lithosphere and the outer most layer of the crust
  • 4
    Is the mantle or crust denser and what makes it denser?
    Mantle and because of the magnesium
    Crust because of the magnesium
    Mantle because it has more pressure
  • 5
    What evidence is there for continental drift?
    Fossils plants and rocks
    They don't have any evidence
    They all fit together
  • 6
    Fossils found on both sides of ocean is an example of what?
    Continental drift
    Sea floor spreading
    Divergent boundaries
  • 7
    How do fossils help prove that continents move?
    The animals had babies with lazer eyes that could breath fire and swam across the ocean
    The animals swam across the ocean
    Same fossils have been found on multiple continents
  • 8
    In a normal fault where does the hanging wall move relative to a foot wall
    They move side to side
    They go up
    Hanging wall moves down
  • 9
    What kind of force can lead to mountains with sharp jagged peaks
  • 10
    What is formed by magma

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