What Canadian High School Stereotype are you?

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So I'm a Canadian and our stereotypes seem to be a less dramatic so let's go for it

  • 1
    So let's go for music, because it's a classic
    Rapp/ soft rock
    Classical/ country
    A little bit of everything
    Rock/ rapp/ alternate/ techno
  • 2
    Ever dated?
    Had a few flings, but not a lot
    Yeah, a fair bit
    Yes/no I only go for people if I am convinced they are serious
    Yeah, I'm well liked
  • 3
    Average friend group?
    Friends I can talk to and have won my trust, very exclusive
    A lot of people know me, it's a little weird, but I have my close friends
    I know everyone in the school, everyone's bestie, I move around:)
    Not really friends, partners in school
    My besties and me, and then some people in a lot of classes
  • 4
    Does the opposite sex flirt with me a lot?
    No, I'm set for life with mine/ or waiting for mine to realize
    Yeah, but I ignore it, I'm not really caught up with it
    Yeah, But I enjoy it
    Yeah a lot, me and buddies make fun of it, sometimes brag
    Nope I try to stay out of that circle/ not ready
  • 5
    What is school to you?
    A way to better myself
    A way to hang out and make friends, and get good grades, great combo
    Social function
    Sports, maybe some academics
    Horrible thing that was created, please can I timetravel back and dispose of the person who thought of the idea
  • 6
    Family life?
    I'm my parents' star, it's frustrating
    Good, my parents/siblings are always really encouraging
    Really high standard, feel like I need to live up to that
    Broken, disfunction, non existing
    Close knit
  • 7
    My friends are:
    Mostly my gender, but you know I talk to the other, but not my friends
    A wide selection of both
    Mostly guys, some girls though
    Whoever who relates to me
    Only my gender
  • 8
    Favourite Class?
    Anyone the teacher is most chill in
    Science/ Math
    History/ English
    Social Sciences
  • 9
    What type of person do you go for?
    That girl/ boy I've known forever
    Those that are able to communicate with on a academic level
    One who shares my beliefs/ listens to me/ good friend
    Hot guys <333333333 // Hot chicks
    The ones that are gentleman and nice/ or sweet and cute
  • 10
    Outlook on life?
    Life is a stressful thing....give me a minute
    Perfect Life, guys!
    Life sucks, but I could give you some advice to help maybe?
    Boyfriend/ girlfriend, check, friends, check, I'm down

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