A Taste of Situations.

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Just a simple quiz. What do you rely on to get things done?


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    (Note- To get the most accurate results, try not to pick mostly others.)

    You've been invited to a party from a close friend. However, the day before the party, their caterer canceled on them. They asked YOU to bring the food! You can't say no, since they are counting on you.You say yes and...
    Start making mini burgers, mini salads, and adorable cookie desserts.
    Freak out. You REALLY didn't want to say yes. Call another caterer and pay them extra to get the food tomorrow.
    Ask another person to get the food ready. Hey, you can't cook for 60 people!
  • 2
    Everyone at the party loved your food! As you are talking to an old acquaintance, an old ex comes up to you. It was a messy breakup. You...
    Grab your acquaintance, introduce him/her to your ex, and RUN.
    Quickly walk away, saying you have to do something... over there.
    Smile and make small talk. (It's really awkward, but you'll survive.)
  • 3
    Okay, okay. Situation Ex is over. Now you can start mingling a bit more. You...
    Find a group of people that you know. Stick with them.
    Find a cute girl/guy! They would be able to take your mid off of your ex.
    Find some new people. Maybe you could become friends.
  • 4
    You're back at your place now. The party was fun, but now you want to relax. You...
    Browse the web. Hey, your friend just posted some photos from the party. 'Like'ed it!
    Watch some TV. It always helps you relax. Oh, you're favorite show is on, too. Grab a blanket and snuggle up!
    Read a book. You left at the best part, and now you want to finish! How will the main character overcome this?
  • 5
    Time to go to bed. *Yawn* But the construction workers are banging away across the street. Ugh. You plug in your iPod and listen to...
    A pop song. It may not be relaxing, but it sounds great!
    Classical music. You love the relaxing melodies.
    Ambient noises. It will help you slee...zzz....
  • 6
    Good morning! Well, not really. It's Monday.
    *Goes back to bed*
    Hey! Monday isn't necessarily bad. I'll make it fun.
    Ugh. At least I have plans with friends today.
  • 7
    That girl/guy you met at the party? They called you up. You're going to a movie-dinner tonight! You...
    Call someone up. What should you wear? What do you talk about?
    Get ready. You put on your nicest outfit and freshen up. It's gonna be great!
    Put on your most expensive clothes and buy flowers/something. Gotta impress him/her!
  • 8
    They're waiting for you! And wow, do they look nice. You greet, and you talk about...
    Shared interests. Maybe this could work out.
    The restaurant. You went here once, and it was amazing.
    How nice they look. Compliments, compliments!
  • 9
    The waiter is here! You order...
    The most expensive item on the menu. You're paying for it anyways, and besides. Impress them and get the fanciest dish. Win-win!
    Whatever they recommend! If they like it, you would too!
    Whatever seems best! The steak looks great. So does the shrimp! You order your favorite.
  • 10
    Now you're at the movie. You guys get snacks, and then you head off to see...
    What the two of you decided on. You can't wait!
    The movie that you wanted to see. They'll like it, and you know it. (They do.)
    Whatever they want. Even if you won't like it, you know that they will. And hey, maybe you'll enjoy it!
  • 11
    The date went great. You'll see them again next Saturday. *sigh* How could you get so lucky? They...
    Are the perfect match for you. They couldn't be better. <3
    Seem perfect. Sociable, nice, and...er... hot! <3
    Are wonderful! They are so sweet, caring.... and they know how to have a good time! <3

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