What kind of guy is Your Type?

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Wonder who is mister right for you? Take my quiz! =)

  • 1
    You are on a weekend, and you have free time. You would rather...
    Play games on your computer
    Do your homework or study.
    Write in your diary
  • 2
    What matters most about a guy?
    How fun he is
    His personality and how important you are to him
    As long as he is cute, who cares!
    His brains
  • 3
    What is your idea of a fun date?
    A walk in the park
    Going to the arcade
    Just cuddling at his place
    A study party
  • 4
    You get your report card in school, and you figure out your boyfriend is causing you not to do well in school. What do you do?
    Speak to him and try to make it work in a way that we can still be together, but makes me focus more on my school work.
    Break up with him so I can focus more on my school work.
    Stay with my boyfriend but try to pay attention more in school.
    My boyfriend is more important than grades.
  • 5
    It's Valentine's Day, and your boyfriend could not afford the money to buy a good gift and ends up getting you nothing. What do you do?
    I would be angry and not speak to him for a few days.
    As long as he loves me, it's okay. I would love him anyway.
    Get angry and would maybe break up with him.
    I would be a little bit pissed off, but I would still tell him it's okay.
  • 6
    Which of these subjects do you like the most?
    I would rather not be in class
    English Language Arts
  • 7
    You find out your boyfriend cheated on you and he is trying to get you back. What would you say?
    I would give him another chance as long as he promises not to do it again
    I would forgive him, but I would keep an eye on this girl.
    It's totally fine!
    I would say no and break up forever. I deserve better.
  • 8
    Would you like to get married when you grow up?
    Not really
    No way!
  • 9
    What would you rather get your boyfriend on his birthday?
    A surprise party!
    A teddy bear
    I would maybe forget
    I would ask him what he wants, and get him that.
  • 10
    If your boyfriend kissed you for the first time, what would you do?
    Start to kiss him back
    I would smile and maybe kiss him back
    I would kiss him back and scream with happiness when he leaves!
    I would blush and be in shock!

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