Does your guy friend like you? (For Girls)

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Sure, you two are friends, but does he think of you as more? Find out here!

  • 1
    What is your friend status? Best buds? Inner circle? Barely friends?
    We are the best of friends and do everything together (attached at the hip)
    I am one of his best friends (part of the inner circle, hang out a lot)
    We are school buddies (don't talk outside of school)
    I am a casual friend (talk inside and outside of school)
  • 2
    His closest friends, have you met them yet?
    Yes, I have met them and we all hang out together as a group.
    I'm his only close friend.
    Yes, I have met them before.
    Yes, but either we don't talk to each other much or they don't like me.
  • 3
    Have both of you met (or at least talked to) each other's families?
    I met only his.
    We met each other's.
    He met only mine.
  • 4
    What are his parent's reaction to you?
    I didn't meet them.
    His parents always seem to roll their eyes and leave the room when I come over.
    His parents love me and/or say I am a pleasure to have over.
    His parents and I are on formal, okay terms.
    His parents leave hints and knowing smiles saying "hurry up and date him already", or "I hope you know my son likes you." If this is true AND the one about being a pleasure to have over is true pick this one.
  • 5
    When something embarrassing happens to him, whether he does it himself or someone does it to him (ex. Mom brings out baby pictures, friend pulls prank), what is his reaction when you are around?
    He glances at you every now and then or turns a little pink.
    He finds an excuse to get out of the situation quickly to avoid embarrassment.
    If you are stuck between two answers pick this one.
    He tries to play it off cool, like it's no big deal, and/or he meant to do that to begin with.
    He is normal about it, just like every other time.
  • 6
    Does he tease you?
    Every now and then, no big deal.
    Yes, and he doesn't know when to stop sometimes.
    Yes, but so does the other people in our circles or all of my other friends.
    Yes, he does it playfully, but he usually knows when to stop before he goes too far.
  • 7
    How much does he know about you?
    He knows most stuff about me, but nothing as serious as the troubles I am going through or other personal issues)
    He would know more, but I didn't tell him that much yet.
    Not that much.
    Normal friend stuff (birthday, favorite color)
    Basically everything about me (family, background, troubles you are going through, all of your favorite things, friends, basically everything)
  • 8
    Does he buy you a gift for your birthday? If so how valuable is it?
    He did get me something and it's something I did like, but I also liked my other gifts. It didn't really stand out.
    He does, and it either reflects me perfectly and/or has a hidden meaning behind it that he knew I would understand (ex. He bought you a new keychain because just the other day he was making fun of your old worn out one)
    He doesn't buy me gifts for my birthday.
    He does, but it is something small and cheap.
    He got something he asked me to write on my birthday list.
  • 9
    How often do you guys keep in touch?
    He communicates with me only at school.
    He communicates with me all the time.
    He communicates with me only about once a week.
    He communicates with me frequently.
    He communicates with me when he only needs something.
  • 10
    If you were to do something by accident to one of his most prized possessions, let's say a signed baseball, what would be his reaction?
    He wouldn't care
    He would take deep breaths and say that it was alright (most likely to not make you feel bad)
    He would be BEYOND mad and probably never talk to me again.
    He would be mad but eventually get over it.
  • 11
    What does he do when you talk to him?
    Zones out.
    Just listens.
    Looks all around him and doesn't really pay attention.
    Make eye contact and engage in the conversation.
  • 12
    Does he ever lie to you?
    Sometimes, but only for my own good or to protect me
    All the time.
    Most times.
    Yes, occasionally, but everyone does.
  • 13
    If you were to ask him to watch a sappy romantic movie with you right now, what would he say?
    He would groan and complain childishly, but would eventually smile and give in.
    He would, but just because it was your turn to pick the movie or you are holding something over him.
    He would say sure, whatever, and act all nonchalant.
    No way.
  • 14
    If you asked his friends if he talks about you a lot, what do you think they would say?
    He brings you up as much as he does his other friends.
    No, he doesn't.
    He sometimes does.
    He never shuts up about you.
    Sorry, bro code.
  • 15
    How much do you know about him (same as the question towards the beginning)?
    A lot, but not personal stuff.
    Normal friend stuff.
    Basically everything (including personal).
  • 16
    Did this sort of help you in anyway (not worth any points)?
    I'm not sure.

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