Are you a lesbian?

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This quiz isn't COMPLETELY accurate, but it should give you a pretty good idea if you're a lesbian or just curious.

  • 1
    Are you sexually attracted to girls?
    Yes, boys are gross!
    No way!
    A little
    Yeah, for the most part...
  • 2
    Are you sexually attracted to guys?
    NO way! They have cooties!
    They aren't really my cup of tea
    Yeah, but I also like girls in that way
    Of course I am!
  • 3
    Are you homophobic?
    I'm gay, So....No?
    No way! Gay people are awesome
    Yes, Gay people are gross!(You get off my quiz)
    No, but my parents are...
  • 4
    Have you ever kissed a girl?
    Yes, but I didn't like it
    No, but I want too
    No, that's gross!
    Yes and it was AMAZING
  • 5
    Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a girl?
    Yes, but only once or twice
    Yes, but there was also a guy
    Yes, all the time
    No, that's disgusting
  • 6
    What part of the body do you like the most?
    IDK, I guess they're all great
    The legs
  • 7
    Picture this: One of your hot female friends comes over to spend the night, but you both have to share the same bed. After you change into your PJs and lay down, she sticks her hand down your shirt. You:
    Strip off her clothes and explore her body with your lips and let her return the favor
    Stick your hand down her pants and let it go further from there
    Reach over and touch her breasts in return
    Scream and slap her
    Make out with her but then stop before anything serious happens
  • 8
    A hot girl approaches you and asks you on a date. What do you say?
    Sure why not?
    Maybe, I'll have to think about it
    OF COURSE! (You were going to ask her but chickened out)
    No way! Why would I go out with a girl?
    Yeah, that sounds great
  • 9
    When you meet a new girl, the first thing you notice about her is:
    Her designer purse
    How short her skirt is. WHAT A SKANK!
    Her big boobs and curvy thighs
    How friendly she is
  • 10
    What's your favorite TV show?
    Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, or Harry Potter
    Keeping up with the Kardashians (spelling?)
    The Vampire Diaries
    Any other show
  • 11
    What colors do you prefer?
    Dark colors
    Colors that are kind of in the middle
    Light colors
    They're all AWESOME
  • 12
    Have you ever had sex with a girl?
    No, but I really want too
    I'm still a virgin (You're rare, like a UNICORN)
    It was for a dare
    Yes, it was AMAZING
    Yes, but I hated it
  • 13
    Why did you take this quiz?
    I just wanted to know for sure if I was a lesbian or not
    I think I might be a lesbian but I'm not sure
    To make sure I'm straight
    Someone forced me too
    I was bored... Why not?
  • 14
    What do you think your results are going to be?
    I don't know

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