Do you trust people?

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Hi. I don't trust people and I'm wondering how many other don't as well. So ... yeah.

  • 1
    If the most popular boy in your school asked you out, would you...
    Lie and say you're dating someone else.
    Believe he was serious and say yes.
    Think he was making fun of you and tell him to get lost.
  • 2
    Is it difficult to share personal thoughts with people you have just met?
    I don't see a reason to share personal thoughts with them considering we've just met.
    No way!
    Why the heck would I talk about personal stuff with a total stranger?
  • 3
    If someone if the popular crowd started a friendly conversation with you, would you...
    Be suspicious.
    Be a little wary but politely respond.
    Jump at the opportunity that you've been given and continue the conversation.
  • 4
    Is it difficult to share personal thoughts and feelings with a close friend/family member?
    Not really. They're there for me, right?
    There's no reason to tell them./It's not important./They wouldn't care.
    Heck no! We tell each other everything!
  • 5
    Let's say you had a bad day at school. Your teachers seemed more evil than usual, you got a bad grade, you embarrassed yourself in front of a popular kid, whatever. What would you do?
    Nothing. It can't be helped as it's already in the past./It's not important enough to tell anyone./No one would care.
    Talk to a family member or call up my best friend! We always listen to each other's problems, no matter how small.
    Maybe talk to someone if I was upset about it. If I don't think it's a big deal, I can just brush it off.
  • 6
    Let's say your parents signed you up to see a psychologist. Would your first thought be...
    Maybe they'll be able to help me with my problems. It couldn't hurt to talk to someone.
    I don't really see the point. Talking won't do much to help, will it?
    I don't need a stupid shrink. I can deal with my own problems. Talking it out won't solve anything.
  • 7
    If someone offered to do you a random favor that doesn't seem like it would benefit them, would you...
    Assume they were just trying to gain your favor, or think that they might want you to owe them./Refuse the favor.
    Allow them to do the favor but remain slightly suspicious. They might have ulterior motives.
    Immediately say thank you. How nice of them!
  • 8
    Let's say you're an artist, taking classes inside or outside of school. Your big final project has just been assigned. After class, one of your classmates who you aren't really acquainted with asks what you are doing for your project. Do you...
    Tell him/her your plans. Maybe you could share ideas!
    Refuse to tell him/her your ideas or lie about them. He/she could be trying to steal them.
    Only tell her the minor details of your design. There's no telling whether or not she'll try to copy them.
  • 9
    Let's say that in your class, a huge project has been assigned. You can work with a partner or by yourself. The teacher actually recommends working with a partner because of the immensity and complexity of the project. You...
    Ask around for a partner, but you don't get too upset if you can't find one. At least now you'll be able to do it your own way.
    Immediately decide not to work with anyone else. They'll just get in your way or mess something up.
    Immediately look for your friends or classmate your acquainted with to work with. It'll be nice to have someone help.
  • 10
    Now for a simple question. How many friends do you have?
    A few good friends, maybe one best friend
    A whole bunch of friends, with a couple of close best friends
    0-1 close friend

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