What do your ships say about you?

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This is just for South Park fans, as I don't know any pairings in other stuff

  • 1
    Pick your favourite.
    Stendy (Stan/Wendy)
    Kendy (Kenny/Wendy)
    Style (Stan/Kyle)
    Kyman (Kyle/Cartman)
    Wheemy (Timmy/Wheelchair)
  • 2
    Pick another.
    Stolovan (Kevin/Clyde)
    Staig (Stan/Craig)
    Garrislave (Garrison/Slave)
    Bratters (Bradley/Butters)
    Chip (Mole/Pip)
  • 3
    And another.
    Tenny (Tammy/Kenny)
    McDanbrady (Mayor McDaniels/Officer Barbrady)
    Slavendy (Slave/Wendy)
    Twebecca (Tweek/Rebecca)
    Cutters or Buttman (Cartman/Butters)
  • 4
    And yet another.
    Revin (Red/Kevin)
    K2 (Kenny/Kyle)
    Creek (Craig/Tweek)
    Dip (Damien/Pip)
    Pipella (Pip/Estella)
  • 5
    You know what to do now...
    Ranald (Randy/Gerald)
    Carteek (Cartman/Tweek)
    Macksondick (Mackey/Choksondick)
    Cromas (Craig/Thomas)
    Leila (Liane/Sheila)
  • 6
    You're not reading this bit now, so I can pretty much say what I want.
    Candy (Cartman/Wendy)
    Totters (Token/Butters)
    Brendy (Bridon/Wendy)
    Kybecca (Kyle/Rebecca)
    Dole (DogPoo/Mole)
  • 7
    I don't actually ship anyone.
    Peek (Pip/Tweek)
    Ivenson (Ike/His Teacher)
    Kyrisson (Kyle/Garrison)
    Terrillip (Terrance/Phillip)
    CartCart (Cartman/Himself)
  • 8
    Though I do like reading slashfics.
    Clybe (Clyde/Bebe)
    Loled (Lola/Red)
    Tim-Jim (Timmy/Jimmy)
    Jimed (Jimbo/Ned)
    Henndy (Henrietta/Wendy)
  • 9
    And I think Kyman, Leila and McDanbrady are pretty funny.
    Ikeman (Ike/Cartman)
    Katince (Katie/Terrance) and Philerine (Katherine/Phillip)
    Grestophe (Gregory/Mole)
    Henroth (Henreitta/Firkle)
    Cartyde (Cartman/Clyde)
  • 10
    And finally, when you think of the pairings you like, what generally springs to mind?
    Who haven't they paired yet?
    What can I actually imagine?
    What ACTUALLY happened?
    How much can I torture them?
    How random can I make this?

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