Lesbian test

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Basic casenarios

  • 1
    Your parents are gone for the weekend and your home alone. So you invite your best friend over for the weekend. She comes over and says she is crushing on you. And you.......
    Go watch a movie
    Tell her you like her back
    Start making out with her
  • 2
    Now your friend asks if you can go in to your room. And you........
    Say yes
    Say anything babe
    Say no
  • 3
    In your room she starts undressing to just her underwear no bra. And you
    Ask what's under those underwear
    Tells her to get dressed
    Tell her her boobs are beautiful
  • 4
    Now she lays on your bed naked. And you.......
    Leave the room
    Lock the door
    Join her with your clothes on
  • 5
    Now you get naked. And you.......
    Rub your bodies together
    Put your clothes on
    Have sex passionately
  • 6
    Let's say you start having sex passionately. And you......
    Stop having sex
    Lick her vagina
    Call her beautiful
  • 7
    Your parents call while your having sex with your best friend. And you.......
    Answer the phone and tell them your running
    Ignore the phone call and continue
    Answer the call and talk to them for a hour
  • 8
    Now your friend has to go to the bathroom and leaves you naked on the bed. And you........
    Get dressed
    Dream about what just happened
    Plan what to do next
  • 9
    When she gets out of the bathroom she asks if she can stay the weekend. And you.......
    Tell her she can stay whenever she wants
    Say absolutely
    Say you have other plans
  • 10
    Later on in the day she leaves to go get the things she needs for the weekend. While she is gone you.......
    Put candles all over in your room
    Plan on asking her out
    Watch TV
  • 11
    When she gets back you guys go in your room and........
    Watch TV
    You ask her out
    Make out on the bed
  • 12
    Let's say you asked her out and she said yes now you.......
    Hold hands
    Caresses her boob
  • 13
    After you watched a movie and held hands you change into your PJ's and as she changes in hers you....,...
    Take off her bra for her
    Walk out of the room
    Pull off her panties
  • 14
    Now you have to share a bed and she puts her hand up your shirt and you.......
    Put your hand in her panties and take it further
    Put yours on her breast
    Remove it and go to sleep
  • 15
    Let's say you took it further and now you are......
    Having sex passionately
    Make out
    Don't take it further
  • 16
    The next morning you wake up and find her on top of you and you.....
    Have sex
    Go get your clothes on
    Make out
  • 17
    Now you......
    Put your clothes on
    Tell her you want to be with her forever
    Start making out
  • 18
    Do you find your best friend hot?
    I want to rip her clothes off sometimes
  • 19
    Do you ever dream about your best friend in the same bed as you naked?
  • 20
    Why did you take this quiz?
    Prove I'm not a lesbian
    To guarantee that I'm a lesbian
    So I can see if I am a lesbian

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aly ( 7.106 )
Posted 107 days ago
full lesbian who wants 2 b the sexy girl i can fantasize about i wanna suck and finger u all ur all beautiful if u wanna pic of my b00bs vãgina or me naked or a strip video just e-mail me @WILD_FLOWER_@outlook.com ill give u anything u want if u from ontario and wanna hook up under some covers with me one night e-mail me or find me on snapchat @alyssa-takacs15 luv u all message back 4 anything else
Ann ( 18.49 )
Posted 153 days ago
👩‍❤️‍👩 I am going to be a happy lesbian!!!!!