Harry Potter Spells and Charms

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Test your intelligence on the spells and charms used in the Harry Potter series

  • 1
    The charm Accio, does what?
    Summons an object of choice
    Shoots water out from wand
    Gives an object of choice an afro
  • 2
    The name of Voldemorts most used dueling curse
    Avada Kadavra
  • 3
    A spell used to make boggarts amusing
  • 4
    What does the charm Wingardium Leviosa do?
    Summons a Patronus
    Makes objects levitate
    Summons a Familiar
  • 5
    The First attempted Charm by Ron in the first book
    Repairing Harrys Glasses
    Turning his rat yellow
    Turning cheese into a rat
  • 6
    The spell Stupefy does what?
    Knocks out opponent
    Summons a Snake
    Freezes an opponent
  • 7
    The Charm used to create light at the tip of casters wand is called?
  • 8
    The spell Expelliarmus is used to?
    Delete memories
    Expell students
    Disarm opponent
  • 9
    The name of the 3 unforgivable curses are?
    Crucio, Nox and Homorphus
    Nox, Imperio and Locomotor Mortis
    Avada Kadavra, Crucio and Imperio
  • 10
    The spell Voldemort tried to use on Harry when he was a baby
    Avada Kadavra

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