The Brain Quiz!

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As you already know, there are two hemispheres to the brain, the left and right hemispheres. They are both extremely similar, just like our pairs of eyes, ears, arms, and legs. However, there are differences between the two. With the brain hemispheres theory, it is said that some people are more dominant in one hemisphere than the other while some are "mid-brained", with neither being more dominant. Take this quiz to find out which side of the brain you are more dominant in!

  • 1
    When grading homework...

    I have to focus on grading
    Sometimes I like distraction
    I have the ability to listen to music or television
  • 2
    Would you rather..
    Write a biography on Martin Luther King Jr.
    Create a theory about the birth of the universe
    Write a story about the spooky house next door
  • 3
    Hold your finger in front of you. Close one eye to focus on the finger. Which eye did you close?
    I closed both eyes
  • 4
    Your friends would be more likely to vote you:
    Person who'd rule the world
    Person who can break into anything
    Person you’d like to be stranded on an island with
  • 5
    You got dressed this morning by...
    The outfit I planned
    Whichever smelled nice
    I didn't get dressed
  • 6
    Which hand do you write your name with?
  • 7
    You've just won a million dollars

    Go on vacation
    Invest in the future
    Let everyone know
  • 8
    About math...
    I enjoy doing or learning math.
    I don't mind it
    No. I don't like math.
  • 9
    You have to position furniture in the house
    Imagine how they would look before arranging them
    Do both
    Arrange them and see how they would look
  • 10
    When you listen through the wall, which ear would you listen with..
    Both ears
  • 11
    Someone keeps stealing your sandwich
    You don't bring sandwiches
    Put laxatives in your sandwich and report them
    Find the person and report them
  • 12
    You just saw an ad about unwanted dogs in animal shelters
    Sympathize and review the organization before doing anything
    Cry, check it's legitimacy and donate
    Cry and donate right away
  • 13
    When you eat M&Ms do you?
    Eat a specific color first
    Organize them into different colors and eat them in order
    Just throw them in your mouth
  • 14
    The whole county of cops are at your doorstep?
    Panic and then faint
    Keep your cool the entire time
    Panic and then unwind later on
  • 15
    You're arguing with your husband?
    Use emotion and logic
    Use facts and data
    Use imagination and drama
  • 16
    Would you describe yourself as?
    I work better under pressure and finish it the day of
    I get work done well before deadline
    I usually finish my work a couple days before the deadline
  • 17
    Which foot do you kick a ball with?
  • 18
    Would you rather do?
    A summary
    An outline
  • 19
    Zombies are invading your house, you
    Arm yourself and hide
    Freak out and hide
    All of the above
  • 20
    I'm great at music and singing?
  • 21
    When recalling something...
    Some things I remember, some things I don't.
    Things that I have specifically studied are the only things that I will usually remember.
    I usually remember random bits of information outside of the things I study.
  • 22
    Which hand do you throw balls with?
  • 23
    A traveler asks you directions to a place you're not quite familiar with
    Admit that your unfamiliarity with the place
    Answer with what you think is the best route
    Tell them you have no idea how to get there
  • 24
    You won a free trip to (dream vacation place)?
    You're in the next flight
    Pack your bags and leave
    Plan your schedule before leaving
  • 25
    Do you prefer to be in a group?
    I don't mind.
    I prefer groups.
    I Prefer to be alone.

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