What kind of girl would you be?

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You wake up one day and your body feels different you look down and realize you are a fir

  • 1
    What would be your reaction?
    Yes finally
    *check mirror for the goods*
    *goes back to bed*
  • 2
    You realize that you can't stay inside all day and need to put something on what would you wear?
    Frilly pink bra and panties, hot pink mini dress and black high heels
    Jeans and a T-shirt
    Skinny jeans and a T-shirt
    Whatever's comfortable
  • 3
    You realize your hair is a mess. What would you do about it?
    Comb it with your hand
    Brush and straighten it
    Straighten, brush moose, everything possible
  • 4
    You open a drawer and it's full of makeup. What do you put on?
    Lip gloss
    Hot pink lip gloss, blush foundation, mascara, eye shadow, bright red nails
    How does one makeup
    Red lip stick and mascara
  • 5
    You get hungry and decide to go out. Where do you go?
    Inside McDonalds
    Local bagel shop
    McDonalds drive through, don't want to be seen
  • 6
    At the restaurant a cute guy named chad starts flirting with you. What would you do in response?
    First with him but don't lead him anywhere
    Blankly stare shouting out random numbers
    Flirt regularly
    Flirt back maybe even ask him out
  • 7
    He asks you out. Where do you imagine the two of you?
    A romantic comedy movie
    At the mall with, you making him buy you expensive clothing
    A horror movie
    Paintball arena
  • 8
    On the date you are standing next to him when you get the urge to kiss him. What do you do?
    Kiss him politely on the cheek
    Grab him by the back of the head and make out with him
    Kiss him quickly on the lips
    Ignore the urge
  • 9
    After the date you meet a girl named Sarah you become best friends and she asks you. What you want to do you ask her if you can?
    Go clubbing
    Go to a bar
    Go hang out at your house
    Go get a manicure
  • 10
    It late and your tired you decide to go back home you realize that you smell kind of bad hopping in the bathtub you...
    Shampoo your hair and use body wash
    Rub yourself down with a bar of soap
    Throw in some bubble bath and scented beads, light some candles and relax
    Soak for 5 minutes then hop out
  • 11
    After getting out of the bath you...
    Go through compatibility checks online comparing you to chad
    Watch doctor who
    Watch football
    Put on some sexy lingerie and hunker down with some toys
  • 12
    You’re really tired and are about to fall asleep you...
    Put on your sexiest lingerie
    Put on sweat pants and a T-shirt
    Wear mini shorts and a tight T-shirt
  • 13
    You realize that the bed you slept in has no sheets you decide to...
    Lie on the couch not moving
    Lay down on the bed and try to sleep with no bedding
    Just grab regular sheets and make the bed nicely
    Grab the silkiest and pinkest sheets and blanket you can find and make the bed nicely
  • 14
    Right before you pass out you hear a little voice in the back of your head that asks if you would like to stay a girl you decide
    Yes, it was way better than being a guy
    Maybe once and a while if I'm bored
    How about twice a week
    No way

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