Larry Shipper. What kind are you?

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Statistically, 80% of the 1D fandom ship Larry. Only 70% believe their love is real. The shippers are divided according to what story they believe in. What category are you in?

  • 1
    Where did Harry and Louis meet?
    X Factor toilets
    Childhood friends, dated through high school and auditioned together
    Script concert about 2 years before X Factor. Probably in the toilets
    On the stage when they were put together just like all the other boys
  • 2
    Louis' girlfriend before Eleanor
    Maybe Louis is bi?
    Louis' fag hag in high school
    A girl Louis dated before X Factor. Broke up with her when he met Harry
  • 3
    Harry probably just liked hanging out with her. He has weird, old friends
    Harry's first 'December Fake Girlfriend'
    Some girl Harry dated because he likes older women
    Management sucks
  • 4
    Eh, I like her outfits
    Omg sooooo cute they're sooooooooooo in loooooveee
    So fake it makes me gag. They can't even hold hands!
  • 5
    Why can't they interact in public anymore?
    They're scared they will lose fans if they're not the perfect straight boys they are made out to be
    Because management is a bunch of homophobic shitbags
    They don't want to ruin it for the rest of the band
    The stupid stupid stuuupiddd Larry Shippers ruined everything omg they're so deluded
  • 6
    What's the whole spiel about them living together?
    Louis made Harry move out because he's not gay and he loves Eleanor who by the way has female genitals
    Harry moved out for the sake of the band, but him and his babe are still joined at the hip
    If they're not living together then how are they shagging every night?
    They still do, of course. Harry's house is abandoned
  • 7
    Does Lottie know her brother is gay?
    No, it's way too big a secret
    She probably heard them fu*king
    Duhhh she's known Harry since forever and they can't keep their hands off each other
  • 8
    But I thought Harry was a womanizer?
    He's only ever had sex with Louis what are you talking about
    He has a heart of gold he stumbled on a puppy and made sure it was ok hE BUMPED INTO A CAR AND APOLOGISED TO IT HOW IS HE A WOMANIZER NO
    Yeaaa omg new girl every single day he's such a slut hehehe
    Don't even come near me I will choke you
  • 9
    Have they ever been outed?
    Do you have time for a list?
    Why is this even a question? Yes.
    That time Harry tried to sit down but his butt hurt too much should've been an outing big enough but noooo
  • 10
    Last question. Who tops?
    Louis tops Eleanor cuz he hates dick especially Harry's
    Louis tops. He's way too dominant to be a bottom and his thrusts are wayyy too hot
    OF COURSE Louis is a bottom did you SEE his ass?
    They're versatile, probably. Louis is more dominant but Harry is bigger and to think of teeny tiny little Louis topping is reaaaaally hot but his ASS idk

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