What kind of story should you write?

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  • 1
    Do you prefer Twilight, Hunger Games or Harry Potter more?
    Hunger Games and one other.
    I like them all equally.
    Hunger Games
    Harry Potter
  • 2
    How successful have your previous attempts at writing realistic fiction? If you have not previously tried to write realistic fiction select 'okay'
    Very bad
    Very good
  • 3
    Which genre do you prefer reading?
    Realistic fiction/science fiction/futuristic fiction/adventure
    Romance/mystery/futuristic fiction
    All or none of the above (or if you can't decide which one you like best between a few)
  • 4
    Which genre are you most interested in writing?
    Anything and everything!
    Romance and horror!
    Magic and adventure
    Sci-fi, realistic, adventure
    Mystery, romance- anything complicated and unpredictable
  • 5
    What name from the ones below/ what type do you like most?
    James, Milya, Fane, Passo- anything spooky or romantic/exotic
    Sherlock, James, Gustavo, Rebey- Anything mysterious or powerful
    Mia, Rachel, Zachariah, Jack- anything really.
    Kisata, Mary, Lisa- either completely normal or alien-like
    Anything that has a mystical/unnatural feeling to it- Manja, Friya, Elsbeth
  • 6
    Which do you prefer to read about?
    Vampires, werewolves, spooky creatures, humans with odd personalities/ powerful romantic feelings
    Police, humans, stupid people, giddy/drunk drivers
    Humans, animals, creatures, monsters, aliens- absolutely (or nearly) everything
    Aliens, people living on different planets, robots, humans or animals
    Fairies, elves, dragons, people with magic powers
  • 7
    Which set of colours do you prefer?
    Orange, red, green
    Every colour known to man
    Grey, black, orange
    Black, red, white
    Yellow, green, purple
  • 8
    Which number do you prefer?
  • 9
    What clothing style do you prefer (girl and boy options where necessary)?
    Whatever I feel like wearing on that particular day
    Sporty clothes- sweats, hoodies, jeans, sneakers/trainers
    Ninja suits or clothes that are easy to move around in and blend into the shadows
    Robes or history inspired things such as togas
    Black/Gothic and/or Bohemian/Hippie
  • 10
    What is your most commonly read and enjoyed genre?
    Realistic or sci-fi/ futuristic/ adventure
    : romance/futuristic fiction/mystery
  • 11
    What do you feel most deeply? It doesn't matter how you feel about them.
    I feel different things on different levels.
    I feel excitement, sincerity and love most deeply.
    I find everyday things and completely crazy things affect me most.
    I feel senses of the unnatural such as invisible voices and their affects on me most deeply.
    I feel love, death, depression and pain most deeply.
  • 12
    What is the definition of love?
    Something we experience in our lives. It causes people to marry and have children.
    An amazing emotion that can make or break someone's being. It conquers all else. There are many types of love.
    A powerful force which nears magical.
    Different things for different people.
    A powerful emotion that should be treated with respect. It requires honesty and unity.
  • 13
    What is our true purpose in life?
    To do various things and find our purpose.
    It is different for everyone but most likely is a combination of being who we want to be, feeling emotions and helping others, of course a little violence is great now and then- to keep things fun.
    To live.
    To uncover the unknown, explore the uncharted and be who we need to be.
    To believe in all things paranormal.
  • 14
    What do you value more?
    Ability to be flexible in our everyday lives
    Acceptance of others
    The ability to feel.
  • 15
    What word appeals more to you?
  • 16
    How do you prefer to say hello?
    I bow my head.
  • 17
    Which way do you prefer to say goodbye?
    Auf Wiedersehen
    Bow my head!
    Au revoir

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Bri ( 53.66 )
Posted 17 days ago
why the timer that messed up my answers
Sara ( 196.1 )
Posted 245 days ago
I got Romance and Horror, but I don't really like those genres.