DOES HE LIKE YOU? MADE BY A GUY- 10000% Accurate

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  • 1
    Do you find him staring at you?
    Once or Twice
  • 2
    Does he ever compliment you?
    He did once
    All the time!
    Maybe, I don't remember
  • 3
    Do you honestly like him?
    No not really, just as a friend
    Yea, and 5 other guys
    Him and this other guy
  • 4
    Does he flirt with you?
    Ya, he teases me and pokes me sometimes
    No, I wish
  • 5
    Does he sit somewhere in the room so he has a clear view of you. (if you’re not sitting next to him?)
    Nope, he doesn’t seem that interested
    Yes, he always sits somewhere he can see me.
    How am I supposed to know!
  • 6
    Does he know your friends?
    Nope, just me
    Yea, he went out with one of them before
  • 7
    Do you see him looking at you during lunch at school?
    Yes, it kinda creeps me out
    TOTALLY! and my friends and I look back:)
    I'm a hill billy and don't go to school
  • 8
    Has he ever given you a hug or kiss?
    He did give me a hug once, but it was really uncomfortable
    Yes and Yes!
    Ya, we hug eachother all the time
    Nope and Nope
  • 9
    Why do you like him?
    He is smoking hot AND has a great personality
    He's super nice and talented
    Our parents are forcing us into child marriage
    He is smoking hot
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Sophie ( 4.169 )
Posted 106 days ago
Aargh! I WISH my crush would hug me or have more contact with me! Aaahhdgjdjjdwj! Suggestions to help me flirt with him or some thing?
Sabrina ( 0.254 )
Posted 130 days ago
He is confused. He might like you, but he might also just think of you as a friend, but don't give up yet! [BEEP]!!!!!! this is a waste of time. The question "does he like you" is a yes or no question there is no maybe involved.
Shhhhhh ( 9.228 )
Posted 137 days ago
Jessica ( .5.88 )
Posted 139 days ago
This is stupid. It said he doesn't like me and then a week later he asked me out. [BEEP]???? Definitely not accurate
marcus ( 6.140 )
Posted 158 days ago
Yeah he likes me but he's shy so i have to drop some hints
I'm sooo happy he love's me ♥♥
Tandela ( 64.64 )
Posted 174 days ago
Seriously where is the results to these things?!!! I took other quizzes and it dosen't say the results to if my cush likes me!
Twaimz fan ( 2.240 )
Posted 178 days ago
Pls like me, I LOVE U
Jemma13 ( .1.47 )
Posted 186 days ago
It hasn't told me the answer. TELL ME.
Lizzie ( 5.237 )
Posted 193 days ago
This quiz stinks. I bet nobody got that he likes you.
rashi ( 8.239 )
Posted 199 days ago
It is actualy righ it is think that even he is confused
Sarah ( 7.186 )
Posted 213 days ago
This is crap! Itchanged my answers
Madison ( 1.173 )
Posted 233 days ago
NO!!!! He doesn't like me! The horror!
Emily ( 89.78 )
Posted 242 days ago
I'm a hillbilly and I go to school...with hundreds of other hillbillies
PRISCA ( 14.16 )
Posted 282 days ago
Anonymous ( 3.126 )
Posted 308 days ago
This is a peice of [BEEP] it changed my answers!
Jade Huynh ( 3.248 )
Posted 313 days ago
He maybe likes me? o-o Wth xD As likes me as a friend o.o
Emily900 ( 2.104 )
Posted 333 days ago
Yaaas he absolutely loves me but he is shy so I have to drop some hints