Does she like you? (Created by a girl)

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Girls have a very funny way of showing they like you, weather she hugs you a lot, or yells at you for touching her. Girls react differently, but in the end, body language will tell you what you want to know.

  • 1
    What is your relationship?
    You guys have talked a little
    You don't talk often
    You are friends
    You are best friends
  • 2
    How many times a day do you guys talk?
    Four or more
    Three times
  • 3
    How long have you known her?
    A month or more
    A few weeks
    A year
    A few days
  • 4
    Do you have things in common?
    Not really
    Nearly everything
    A few things
  • 5
    Do you like her?
    A little
    I thought about it
    Not really
  • 6
    (Now for more in depth questions) Does she laugh at things you say?
    All the time
  • 7
    When you two make eye contact do you...
    Look away
    Blush and look away
    Laugh and say what
    Laugh and keep staring
  • 8
    Does she steal your things so you have to snatch it back (playfully of course)
  • 9
    When you tease her, what’s her reaction?
    Smiles and pushes you lightly
    Teases you right back
    Sighs and looks away
    Frowns and looks away
  • 10
    Does she tell you about her day or dreams? (If you don't listen, then wow)
    I don't listen
    She's a chatterbox!
  • 11
    Has anyone asked if you two are dating, make a cute couple, or should date?
    All the time
    2-4 times
  • 12
    Does she make up reasons to touch you? (Fixing your clothes, warming your hands, saying she's cold, etc)
    She's a touchy feely person
  • 13
    Do you have a girlfriend? Does she have a boyfriend?
    No and yes
    No and no
    I don't know
    Yes and yes
  • 14
    Are you tired of this test (Doesn't alter your score)
    Does she like me or not!
    Of course not (sarcasm)
  • 15
    The last question! Have you kissed, hugged, or held hands?
    We've done all three
    None of the above
    Just held hands/hugged
    Just hugged/kissed

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Zoe ( 5.246 )
Posted 224 days ago
I took this test and I'm a girl and I love to touch my boyfriend's private parts