What kind of wedding planner/assistance do I need?

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Prior to meeting in person, if you're trying to figure out what kind of package or planning assistance would fit you best, you can take this fun quiz made by the wedding guru herself!

  • 1
    I want to dedicate ____ time to planning my wedding:
    Whatever is reasonable. I'm busy but I can make time for the important things.
    As little as possible. Time is money and I can't stand wasting time.
    As much time as it takes. Time isn't going to cost me anything.
  • 2
    My vision for our wedding...
    All that matters to me is that I marry my soulmate, everything else is up to you.
    Is as simple as possible, mostly using friends as our vendors, keeping it low budget.
    Is a massive production with everyone we know celebrating all weekend long.
    Is a simple affair with loved ones that reflects our personality and style.
  • 3
    My wedding design will be...
    As basic as possible.
    Pintrest level of savvy.
    Quirky and personal.
    Simple but elegant.
  • 4
    The most important aspect of the wedding to create long lasting memories is...
    A smooth and care-free day. Details or not, I just won't want it to be stressful.
    Photography, I want long lasting proof of all the smiles and details.
    Our love. I don't care what the guests do as long as me and my sweetie are happy.
    The food, everyone talks about the meal for years!
    Ambiance, I want to build a space unique to us.
  • 5
    I expect my family to be really involved in the wedding planning.
    No, I have little to no family living nearby and I'll be hiring all my help.
    Yes, I have tons of support for DYI projects and plan to use these people!
    I don't even have time myself to plan, let alone guide my family and tell them how to help!
  • 6
    My stress level on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest is...
  • 7
    My idea of the perfect wedding planner is...
    Someone who gets to know us personally and can read our minds by the wedding day.
    Someone who will hold my hand every step of the way and help us make all the big and small decisions.
    Someone who reduces stress with her confidence, experience, and calm demeanor while letting me figure out things for myself.
    Someone who calls to check the details a couple weeks before the wedding but let's me do everything my way until then.
  • 8
    I totally need help guides, templates, tools, etc. I'm thinking about buying "Weddings for Dummies".
    Yes, please!
    Maybe some, like a timeline, but I really think I have this figured out already.
    Bleh. No. Preferably, once I put you in charge I don't want to read or see anything. Not until it's finished!
    Only if I have to and you really think it's going to help. I'm really hoping you can tell me what is best.
  • 9
    Are you really excited to plan and research wedding details together? Are you going to use this time planning a wedding to also prepare for your marriage by doing everything together?
    Yes. My spouse is totally involved and we'll be depending more on each other than family and vendors for planning decisions.
    I wish, but I have a feeling I'll be doing this alone, which is why I need someone to help!
    Yes, but we both trust expert advice and we're excited to have help!
    No, we are both busy professionals and our precious time will be best spent on date nights rather than reading through vendor contracts.
  • 10
    What is your estimated wedding budget and how much do you want to invest in a planner?
    This will be a once in a lifetime event and money is not an issue.
    Our budget is over $15,000 with separate funds for a wedding planner.
    Around $10,000 and I know whatever portion we designate for a planner will be worth it.
    Less than 10,000 total and I can't imagine a coordinator being more than $650.
  • 11
    My wedding date is...
    Next month. I have everything done and planned.
    Not decided. I need help finding everything, including the venue.
    A year from now. We have time to figure out details.
    6-12 months away. I have maybe 1/2 the wedding planned.
    In a couple months and I got engaged yesterday. Did I mention I need a lot of last minute help?

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