Oh, Dragons

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Welcome! Come one, come all and- find out what kind of dragon you are? Wait a second...

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    OhNo! The color question....
    Well... um... is Everything a choice?
    Blues, Blues, Blues, my friend
    Black. End of Story.
    Greens, Browns, Grays
    Reds, Golds, Oranges, Yellows
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    Alright, where is your ideal living space.
    Warm and Toasty- a volcano sounds cool... hmmm... I have to look into that...
    A cave. Dark. Cold. Surrounded by skeletons. Okay, maybe not, but you get the picture.
    Somewhere high... OooH! Cloud Kingdom!
    Somewhere near water.
    A forest, jungle, a meadow. You know me. *sigh* ... *starts daydreaming*
  • 3
    Weather- *you're hot and you're cold, you're-* Don't mind my singing... JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION ALREADY!
    Oooooh... um... um... I don't know! uh.. Nice?
    I don't care... Why are you asking me all these questions?
    82 and Sunny- (lays back and starts drinking lemonade)
    Rainy, stormy, something wet and humid.
  • 4
    How do you sleep?

    Haha go me and my stupid puns.
    Spread out, just a comforter and I'm set. Have you seen how freaking puffy those things are? waaaaah!
    Curled up in a little ball with my blankets draped perfectly over me.
    None of your business.
    Pressed against wall... those monsters, I'm tellin' ya..
    Drooling on the pillow, blankets all over the place, most likely falling of the bed.:)
  • 5
    Someone- we all know who I'm talking about- *cough cough ___insert_popular_person's_name_here___* is bullying your best friend. You...
    Laugh. I have no friends.
    Stand by, hoping it doesn't get messy, intervening if necessary.
    Shout, "Hey! Look at that!" then grab your friend and run.
    Punch them in the face. "That's for you $%@#!"
    Walk away with your head down. Not my problem, not my problem...
  • 6
    Okay, you get a good grade. You...
    Shrug. yaaay... go team.. I'm bored. Can I go for a walk?
    SURPRISE! MOM! MOM! LOOK WHAT I GOT! AND YOU DOUBTED ME! *then proceeds to walk to your room doing the victory dance*
    Are pleasantly surprised. You usually get a C+ or B-, so this A is cool.
    Meh. Happens all the time.
    Good grades? Ha. Good luck trying to find one.
  • 7
    You reeally really really really really reeeeeeeaaaaaaally want this item. So you..
    Threaten. Hey Mom, remember that picture where...
    Compromise. A week of dish duty isn't all that bad, right?
    Make a good argument to present to your parents when their in a good mood.
    Sigh. No means no. Too bad.
  • 8
    Get 1 wish. That's right. Only one. I don't do the whole three wishes thing- it's too mainstream.

    *and the usual rules*
    A cottage would be nice. Maybe a magic chest holding all my stuff? I don't know.
    Hmm... I want magic. To A) Fly, or B) Fly. Or maybe C)... Flying...
    Death. Of everyone. And treasure. Bweh he he...
    *gasp* I want gills and an underwater kingdom.
  • 9
    Almost the last one! If you could be a different- I dunno, race?- what would it be?
    Um... Are sprites allowed? Something nature based...
    A Mage. Or an Angel. Did I mention the wings?
    Fire Demon. Duh.
    Mer maid/man
    Evil lord of the World, ruling all with an iron fist- oh wait. that's not a race. oh well. it is now!
  • 10
    Alright guys (and girls) this is THE most important question.



    l ike


    Yeah, pretty coo, pretty coo.
    I. Don't. Care.
    It was great! Nice going. Very Humorous.
    Um.. It was alright.. I guess..?
    It was HORRIBLE! I- might have liked it a little bit... just a little...

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