Assassins creed QUALITY test

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Think you know everything about Assassins Creed? THINK AGAIN!

  • 1
    What does Altiar's surname, 'ibn-La'ahad' mean in Arabic?
    "Death stalker"
    "Coldest night"
    "Eagle's talon"
    "He who walks eternally"
    "Son of None"
  • 2
    Which of the following is not a piece of Eden?
    The cloth of Eden
    The apple of Eden
    The shroud of Eden
    The crystal skull of Eden
    The ring of Eden
  • 3
    What is the order of Ezio and his brothers from oldest to youngest?
    Federico, Petruccio, Ezio
    Ezio, Petruccio, Federico
    Ezio, Federico, Petruccio
    Federico, Ezio, Petruccio
    Petruccio, Ezio, Federico
  • 4
    Which assassins creed game featured no woman who the protagonist had a romantic interest in?
    Assassins creed IV
    Assassins creed lll
    Assassins creed revelations
    Assassins creed ll
    Assassins creed l
  • 5
    Who is the first person Ezio Assassinates in assassins creed two?
    A corrupt city guard
    Francisco Pizarro
    A Templar assassin
    Lucrezia Borgia
    Uberto Alberti
  • 6
    Who is the main villain in assassins creed two?
    Mario Auditore
    Adolph Hitler
    Roderigo Borgia
    La Volpe
    Lorenzo de Medici
  • 7
    Who is killed by the hidden blade at the end of assassins creed: Brotherhood?
    Daniel Cross
    Lucy Stillman
    Rebecca Crane
    Shaun Hastings
    Warren Vidic
  • 8
    Which of the following is true about Edward Kenway?
    He is Scottish
    He is Irish
    He is British
    He is African
    He is welsh
  • 9
    What is the name of Desmond's father?
  • 10
    Which game in the series featured in interactive sex scene?
    Assassins creed ll
    Assassins creed revelations
    Assassins creed l
    Assassins creed IV
    Assassins creed brotherhood
  • 11
    Why did Connor join the Assassin Brotherhood?
    The first civilization being told him to do so
    They opposed the Templar/British presence and so did he
    He wanted to avenge his father who was murdered by Templars
    He was found by them after his people were annihilated
  • 12
    What outfit could Ezio unlock in AC: Brotherhood by completing all of the virtual training sessions?
    Captain Prices outfit
    Solid snakes outfit
    Altiars outfit
    Booker Dewitt's outfit
    Raidens outfit
  • 13
    Abstergo is a modern-day front for:
    The assassins
    The Templars
    The cast of Jersey Shore
    The first Civilization
  • 14
    Who did Ezio have two children with?
    Sofia Sartor
    Lucrezia Borgia
    Claudia Auditore
    Christina Vespucci
    Caterina Sforza
  • 15
    Which of these characters in the series turned out to be a woman pretending to be a man?
    James Kidd
    Josiah Burgess
    Stede bonnet
    Calico jack
  • 16
    What does the apple of Eden do?
    It acts as a key for other first civ technology
    It strengthens it's holder
    It grants supernatural senses to it's user
    It acts as a weapon of mass destruction
    It Possesses the minds of men
  • 17
    How was Altair brought into the Brotherhood?
    He hated the Templars for what they had done to his brother
    He was born into it
    He wanted respect from people who surrounded him
    All of these are correct
    He was poor and homeless with no other option
  • 18
    What is the name of Edward Kenway's ship?
    The jackdaw
    The Shadow
    The Rackham
    The Ranger
    The Sparrow
  • 19
    Who is the main villain of Assassins creed lll?
    English entrepreneur Reginald birch
    British royal officer Walter Anderson
    Sir William Johnson
    Daniel cross
    Connors father, Haytham
  • 20
    What are the three tenets of the Assassins creed?
    Hide in plain sight, don't kill innocents, and don't compromise the brotherhood
    Protect the rights of people around you, kill with honor, and never kill innocents
    Hide in plain sight, show no mercy, and don't compromise the brotherhood
    Use those around you to your advantage, strike from the shadows, kill swiflty
    Live fast die young acquire bitches

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