Are you truly mean?

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Take this quiz to see if you are mean, or just really honest, or not mean one bit.

  • 1
    You are in a store and someone comes up to you and asks you how you think they look. What do you say?
    You look fine.
    You do NOT look good! Try something else.
    It's a little tight, maybe a bigger size would look better.
  • 2
    Someone accidentally ran into you, but looked at you expecting an apology. You say:
    Get out of my way, you freak.
    Um, sorry, but you ran into me.
    I am so sorry.
  • 3
    Someone asks you out, but you are totally not into them. You respond:
    I just don't feel the same way.
    Haha! Heck no.
  • 4
    Someone you do not particularly care for asked if you wanted to hang out. What do you say?
    Um I hate you, why would I want to "hang out?"
    Not really.
  • 5
    You were stretching and you just hit someone in the face by accident. You do what?
    Apologize over and over.
    Tell them to get out of your way.
    Apologize and move on.
  • 6
    Your friend just broke up with their significant other, and you find that person so attractive. What would you do?
    Tell your friend you like their ex.
    Start dating your friend's ex.
    Move on, you can't date your friend's ex.
  • 7
    Someone told you that you looked terrible today. You say:
    At least I don't look as ugly as you.
    I didn't ask for your opinion, but thanks.
    Ok. You look great, though.
  • 8
    Your friend has been crying and her make up is running, but she wants to talk to you. What do you say when you see her?
    You need to go fix your face first.
    Let's go to the bathroom and talk.
  • 9
    You are trying to get the cashiers attention because you have been waiting to check out for 2 minutes. You:
    Simply wait until someone comes. They are just busy.
    Start yelling for the cashier.
    Try to go find someone, and then explain to them that you had been waiting a while.
  • 10
    Someone just called you fat. How do you respond?
    Just ignore them, it's okay.
    Say, "That was rude!"
    Run over and punch them, while calling them a cow.

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