Who are you in school?

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Find out which category you fit into at school!

  • 1
    Which class is your favorite?
    Anything with note taking and bookwork!
    The one with the funniest teacher
    The class with the cutest guys (girls)
    Gym class for sure!
    Class? Who says I go to class?
  • 2
    How often do you do your homework?
    Mostly- but it may just be random answers..oops: P
    Never- not in a million years
    Everyday- then I check it twice!
    Sometimes- if my game doesn't last too long.
    Kinda-ish....depending on how many cute boys (girls) texted me the night before
  • 3
    Which type of teacher is your favorite?
    The one that's the coach of the team I play on
    The kind that makes you do your work and is strict
    I hate all teachers
    The super cute one
    The hilarious one who's always cracking jokes
  • 4
    Which book sounds like a book that you would read?
    Getting the Gold
    How to Get Him to Notice You in 10 steps!
    Knock Knock Jokes Sure to Make Everyone Laugh
    I don't read. Ever.
    How to be Successful in your Future
  • 5
    What is your favorite TV channel?
    I don't watch TV- too busy with my studying
    Most of them- as long as they aren't about learning
    Cartoon Network, Nick, Disney, all those
    ESPN all the way!
    Whatever my crush wants to watch!
  • 6
    How do you spend your lunches?
    Telling the story of how you scored a goal last night
    Rereading my notes and textbooks- sporadically mumbling to a friend
    Gushing over the cute new student
    Telling the hilarious story of what happened in class earlier
    Cursing about my teachers and dreading the next class
  • 7
    How would you describe your locker?
    Filled with joke books
    Decorated with posters of the hot new singer
    Every paper that my teachers have given me- I shove them in there and never look at them again.
    My sneakers on the bottom shelf for practice after school
    Neat and organized, everything in it's place
  • 8
    Which emojis would you say that you use the most?
    The soccer ball, tennis ball, and championship cup
    The heart, the kissing, and the face with hearts on it
    The laughing-while-crying face, the goofy tongue face, and the smiley face
    The devil, the jack-o-lantern, and the angry face
    The books, notebooks, and pencil
  • 9
    What are your feelings about gym class?
    Yes, if the boys (girls) have it with us!
    Not my favorite- I'd rather read a book
    Best class ever! Love it!
    I enjoy seeing my friends and trying to hit the ball- while failing
    Kinda, but I never participate or do what I'm told
  • 10
    Which superlative sounds like one you'd get?
    Biggest Flirt
    Most Likely to Be a Comedian
    Most Likely to Win the Olympics
    Most Likely to Succeed
    Most Detentions
  • 11
    What does your teacher see you as?
    The one always talking to the boys during the teaching progress
    The student with perfect attendance, every homework assignment, and answers ever question
    The one who's always late- sometimes never even shows up!
    The one with skinned knees, dirty cleats and jerseys everyday!
    The one cracking jokes after everything he/she says

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