Inuyasha Quiz!

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  • 1
    What is Inuyasha?
    A Fairy Sprite
    Half Demon Dog
    Full blooded Demon
    A Human
    Demon Slayer
  • 2
    Which two guys are in love with Kagome and fight over her constantly?
    The Thunder Brothers
    Sota and Myoga
    Inuyasha and Koga
    Shippo and Miroku
    Naraku and Banju
  • 3
    The Sacred Jewel, what’s it's real name?
    The Themki Marble
    The Magical Gem
    Uhh... something powerful?
    The Shikon Jewel
    The Holy Jewel
  • 4
    Miroku is one of the main characters, who is his love interest?
    Sango the Demon Slayer
    The Water Maiden
    The Snow Maiden
  • 5
    What and where did Inuyasha's sword come from?
    He has a sword?
    This is a trick question, he uses bow and arrows
    It's from a great blacksmith, and made from great sword material
    It came from his older brother, it is not known from what it was made of
    It came from his father's grave, and the sword is his father's fang
  • 6
    What is Kagome is known to be? And what weapon does she use in combat?
    She is an immortal, she does not have a weapon
    She is a Wizard, she has magic powers
    She is a Priestess, and fights with a bow and arrow
    She is a Human, and she does karate in combat
    She is a Demon, and she uses her demon powers
  • 7
    Who is the main villain?
    Naraku, also known as Onigumo
    The Evil Spirit
    The King of all Demons
    Kohaku, an evil demon slayer
    The Dark Priestess
  • 8
    Here’s an Easy one, who are the Main characters?
    The Band of Seven
    Sota, Myoga, and Gramps
    Jaken, Rin, and Sesshomaru
    I'm Blank
    Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo
  • 9
    What is the Curse that Miroku has?
    He has dark heart and he will soon die
    His hand is cursed to touch woman's bottoms...
    He will soon be turned into a spider demon
    A wind tunnel inside his palm
    He is poisoned with a potion
  • 10
    And Lastly, what is the phrase that Kagome uses on Inuyasha that commands him to do something?
    You are a Jerk!
    Sit Boy!
    Wind Tunnel!

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