Sorority Life Assessment

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How you feel about your sorority life

  • 1
    When you walk into a room full of members of all ages in your chapter, you
    Comfortably walk in with ease, stopping to have a conversation or share a laugh with people everywhere you walk
    Enter the room and say "Hi" to some familiar faces but tentatively make your way to your group of friends
    Timidly walk in trying not to make any eye contact and head straight for the least crowded area
    Walk in the room and immediately you are in a better mood, talking with everyone around and all engaging in conversation and all catching up with one another
  • 2
    When you compare how excited you felt on bid day and as a new member, compared to how you feel now, you
    Feel even more excitement as you have gotten to know more people and have truly created so many awesome memories (and more to come)
    Feel almost the same eagerness and excitement for DG related events but not quite as much
    Don't exactly dread DG events but you don't exactly look forward to anything DG related either
    Feel almost the opposite as before, absolutely dreading DG events and wondering what you got yourself into
  • 3
    The number of girls you would feel comfortably approaching for help, a favor, just to talk, etc. per class (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors) is
    7+ girls per class
    1-2 girls per class
    3-4 girls per class
    5-6 girls per class
  • 4
    When you think about your role in Delta Gamma, you
    Truly feel that we all work so well together in this chapter and it is apparent to you
    Feel that if you left DG, it probably wouldn't be much different without you
    Feel confident that your voice is being heard and know you are a part of decision making processes
    Feel that even your opinion is not heard and feel as if you do not have any say in any decision making processes
  • 5
    Your feelings on having a leadership position in this chapter (now or in the future)
    I would never consider being a leader of this chapter
    I would love dedicate my time to leading and motivating our chapter and helping us grow!
    I think having a position would be challenging but I would be up for it!
    I do not thinking a leadership position is something I could handle
  • 6
    When you are listening to a member (position or no position) speak to the chapter and they are raising their voice and being a little rude, you...
    You bare with it and continue to listen, counting down the seconds in your head until it is over
    Take zero offense, instead consider that something might be up; she might be really stressed or have something going on you don't know about. No one is perfect
    Look around and make eye contact with your friends, not trying to hide your side glances or eye roles
    Automatically get pissed off, tune them out, and look at your phone or chat with a friend
  • 7
    When you think about your attitude towards philanthropic events, you
    You attend the events but do so with no enthusiasm and hardly ever offer any help. you would much rather be out on court street right now
    Really hate it. You have a paper to write, or a test to study for, etc. so you skip
    You are satisfied with it! This is part of what you signed up for and it's also a good bonding experience
    Are all for it! ESP with all of your sisters being there, volunteering and community service really can be fun!
  • 8
    How strong of a sisterhood do you think we have?
    It's okay, it definitely needs improving but I think we are headed towards the right direction
    Not strong at all. We hardly know each other and some of us don't even get along
    Really strong! We have all bonded and I know that we are all there for one another
    It's pretty good! There are still some girls I would like to meet but overall we are all pretty close!
  • 9
    At any time, whether an event is taking place or not, how comfortable do you feel walking into the Deeg as if it were your own home?
    100% comfortable! The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming, this IS my home!
    I feel pretty comfortable, there are usually familiar faces that say hi and chat with me
    Not comfortable at all. It is very awkward and I never feel as if I am wanted
    Neutral, sometimes it is perfectly fine, other times it is a little intimidating
  • 10
    If you saw one of your sisters making a poor decision (ex: going out too much, blowing off grades, talking about another sister, etc) you would...
    Pull her aside when you get the chance and briefly tell her you are here for her and if she every needs anything, do not hesitate to ask
    Take what happened into consideration but not get involved, it's not your business
    Ask her to get lunch and bring it up then; she means so much to you and she has great potential to succeed and you don't want to see her mess it up
    Ask everyone around you for all the details, openly talking about it and sharing it with others, thanking god it wasn't/isn't you

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