Does she like you? How to know.

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I based these questions on the crushes I've had before. Written by a girl.

  • 1
    How long have you known her?
    Over a year
    A few months
    About a month
    A few days
    About a year
  • 2
    Does she try to sit by you?
    Whenever she can!
    It's assigned seating
    I haven't noticed
  • 3
    Does she play with her hair when she talks to you?
    A little - she combs through it
    I haven't noticed (seriously, pay more attention)
    Yes, she almost seems to not be paying me any attention
    I've never had the nerve to talk to her
    Sometimes she fiddles with it
  • 4
    Are you good friends?
    No, I don't think she knows I exist
    We have a class together - that's it
    We sort of talk, she picks me for help at school
    Yeah, we're pretty good friends
    Totally! We're best friends
  • 5
    Does she sit near you at lunch?
    No - but she always sits where she can at least see me
    Yes, she sits at my table every day!
    She goes to a different school than I do.
    We have a different lunch time
    No - she just sits with her friends
  • 6
    Does she "accidentally" bump into you frequently?
    A few times
    Actually, quite a bit.
    Yes, and it seems purposeful
    She has once or twice
    Not that I've noticed
  • 7
    Have you ever seen her staring at you?
    I didn't notice
    A few times, she smiled then looked away at the ground
    All the time! And then we have a staring contest!
    Once or twice - she was probably just thinking
    I wish!
  • 8
    Does she ever offer stuff, like food or drinks, to you?
    No, not ever
    A few times
    She never even talks to me
    Quite frequently
    Once when I forgot my lunch
  • 9
    Who normally starts a conversation?
    About the same either way
    It's usually me, but sometimes she will
    I always do.
    We never talk--remember?
    Usually her
  • 10
    Does she ever choose you over her friends?
    She did once
    Sometimes she doesn't notice that they've left
    Always, if her friends happen to be with us it's fine, if not oh well
    Sometimes, she seems to hesitate between the two choices
    No, if her friends leave, she will too
  • 11
    Does she ask you random questions about yourself. Does she randomly tell you facts about herself?
    I haven't noticed
    Yes, but no
    Yes and Yes
    No, and no.
    No, but yes
  • 12
    Do you have her number? Does she have yours
    Yes, and yes
    Yes, and no.
    She doesn't/ I don't have a phone
    No, and I wonder how she got mine
    No, and no.
  • 13
    How do her friends act around you?
    They pull her away from you and won't let her back
    The stand behind you guys in a group and whisper
    I haven't noticed
    They don't act any different
    They nudge her a lot and tease her
  • 14
    Does she compliment you often?
    We never speak
    I haven't noticed
  • 15
    What does she do when you compliment her?
    She laughs and brushes it off
    I didn't notice
    She simply thanks you
    I never talk to her
    She blushes and looks down at her feet
  • 16
    Are you comfortable around each other?
    Yeah, we're just cool
    I don't notice these things
    She always seems nervous
    I am, but I'm not sure about her
    Not at all, we can't stand each other's presence!

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