Who Is My Kinda Guy?

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This is a quiz to answer the "Do I really like him" and the "What am I really looking for" and even a little " Should I really date him"

  • 1
    What kind of hair do you like?
    Medium Length Brown
    Short Blonde
    Medium No Swipe
    Long Past His Ears
    Medium Length Black Swipe
  • 2
    What's your ideal "night out"?
    Listening to Some Scremo at a Rock Concert
    At the Movies and Maybe Dinner AfterWords
    Studying For A Math Project
    In The Back Of His Car Or Under My Blankets
    Watching A Football or Sports Game Together
  • 3
    Best way to meet
    He Met You At That Mathletes Competition Last Week
    You Saw Him At The Music Store Checking Out Some Of The New Rock Bands
    Met You Through A Friend at His (enter sport here) Game
    He Saw You at The Smoking Spot With Your X-Boyfriend
    He Was The New Guy At School Who Just Happen To Sit By You
  • 4
    Favorite Colors For Eyes?
    Opaque(Greenish Blueish Brownish)
  • 5
    Favorite Kind Of Music?
    Bache and Symphony DUH 0.o
    Pop or Songs That Pump Your Adrenaline
    Screamo or Rock
    Fun Pop or Up-Beat Jams
  • 6
    Favorite Colors?
    Reds, Greens or Your Local Schools Theme Colors
    Blood Red, Black, With The Occasional Pink or Purple
    Blue or Green
    Black, Blue Black, Maroon, and...Black?
  • 7
    Favorite Hobby?
    Frisbee In The Park, Walk On The Beach, TV, Tumblr
    Sex? Sleeping? Smoking? Are Those Legit Hobbies?
    Watching Comedy Shows or Studying
    Listening To Screamo, Cutting, And the Occasional Beer
    Going to Sports Games
  • 8
    Have You Ever Had Sex Before?
    Hell Yeah Or I at least Want To
    The Right Time And Place
    No One Would Want To Even If I Did
    What's That?
    Not Yet We Are Waiting For That One Special Time
  • 9
    Are You Currently In A Relationship?
    No I'm Waiting For The Right Guy
    Which One?
    Ummmm... Yeah... Wait NVM He Doesn’t Even Know I Exist
    Yeah I Go To All His Games
    Yeah He Loves All The Same Bands I Do
  • 10
    How Would You Break-Up With Your BoyFriend You Knew Was Cheating On You?
    UMMMM... BeeBoo Bop Bippity: P -Walks Away Like A Boss-
    I Don’t Know How You Could Do This To Me I'm Like Super Hot! >X(
    I really Can’t Believe You Would Do this But... Obviously We Aren’t Right For Each Other
    -Slaps And Walk Away WithOut A Word-
    Duh He's Cheating on Me It's Not Like We Are Exclusive
  • 11
    Favorite Part Of A Guy
    His New Ear Piercing Or Lip Piercing Like OMFG YUM
    ... I'd Rather Not Mention Those Areas
    UMMMMM... his tumblr account?
    His Lips Eyes and Hair
  • 12
    Mean But Funny and Dominant
    Cute and Funny But also Fun and Zany Sometimes
    Cute Laugh and Out Going
    Keeps To HimSelf Alot
    Funny and Easy Going
  • 13
    How Do You Want It In Bed?
    Fun And Kinky. Dominant
    Nice And Understanding Slow But Pleasuring
    Rough And Violent
    New And Unexperienced
    Rough And Having Him Be Dominant . Names Chains and Maybe Even Some Role Playing ;)
  • 14
    Favorite Animal
    Tiger, Lion, Rino
    Cheetah, Antelope
    Deer, Cat
    Dolphins, Bunnies Ect.
  • 15
    Which Ones Hotter?
    Can Operate a Computer NO EFFORT REQUIRED!
    Knows His Way Around a FootBall Field?
    Loves Screamo And Has SEVERAL piercings?
    Cute Personality, Funny and Nice To Your Parent(s)
    Piercing? Tattoos And Some Bad Smoking Habits?

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