Does He Like You? Ages 12-16 girls only!

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Every girl as that special someone who she thinks is interested in her... Is he interested in you?

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    To start off... Have you ever caught him staring at you. If so what does he do when caught?

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Salma (04221)
15 days ago
I want to make sure if my friend like me or not cuz we are already close friends so idk if he like me as a friend or more than that cuz he did alot of things that prove he like me like starring at me almost all the time he always ask me for hugs , compliments me , he says that he love me but in an indirect so idk if he mean it as a friend or not he carries me on hos shoulders and one time we were sitting next to each other and he suddenly kissed me on my cheeks we always hold hands in public and he does alooot of other things. I want ur opinion cuz iam want to make sure he like me more than a friend
abbi (28946)
16 days ago
fu*k boys are so confusing and hot and cute at the same time I wish girls had to ask the guy out I sure would do it I just want to walk up to him and kiss them and make out for a while out his house our my house or drive t his and just to kiss him
abbi (28946)
16 days ago
I like this one boy and it drives me insane I wish I could tell him that I like him but I like/love this boy a grade oder than but we don't talk we stare at P.E and he so cute and sweet as I hear in his words I wish I could go uo to him and kiss him and the boy in my grade I want to tell him sooooooo bad I love them both but I want whats right can y'all tell me which one I should go for .
Me (88338)
17 days ago
I need advice
So I have a guy friend who I have known since reception (I am going to call him Alex) Me and Alex have moved to secondary school recently (in 2016). I made new friends and he made friends we are still each other's best friends but he's not the problem. It's one of his new friends who I think has a crush on me(let's call his friend Ryan). Here is my proof:
-He touches me for no reason as in on my shoulder and my hand
-He tells me secrets and stuff that I know he wouldn't trust anyone else with
-He stares at me and when I catch him I make weird faces at him and he copies me (even when we are in front off other people
-He sings and asks me to sing to him (which I do because I love to sing)
-He teases me and we have plenty of inside jokes
-He knows my favourite song and he sings it with me (perfect by Ed Sheeran)

The thing is I'm not sure if I like him back. I love it when he is with me and I can guarantee he
will make me laugh when I feel upset.

This is what I need advice on:
-whether "Ryan" likes me?
-what a crush feels like?
-what to tell "Alex".
Please send help ASAP!!!
Me xx
Stutee (81556)
18 days ago
omg they said he understands me more than friendes i luv thus test
Jocelyn (62854)
18 days ago
I am only 10 and I have a boy friend he is very sweet and makes me feel special and when we r by r selfs he is so cute.but then when we go out to a break I call him or try to talk to him and he is playing soccer he ignores me and then I feel like he doesn't like me but then the next day when he is not with his friend he comes to me and try's to talk to me and I am just like !!??? Welll he is so cute but I also have something else my cousin is in the same school and she has her boyfriend and the last time I went to her house she told me l think I like ur boyfriend and I got so mad but played it cool bc I love her I just said Y DO U LIKE HIM and she said " he is 💗 cute I love his hair and when u two were not together we will always play around and I thing he also likes me" so I told her what u know I always loved him since 1 grade and know that I we r in 5 I have a chance with him and I just feel like I am 💗 and he does not like me and I don't know if I even trust my cousin but I guess she likes them both and I can't do anything about it 😞😞😞😞/ IREALLYLOVEJOSE
Someone who took the quiz (77427)
19 days ago
Ummm well my test said “ he is very confused right now” witch I think is true........hopefully we will grow closer
Bookworm (84661)
19 days ago
To crush broken: boys will DEFINITELY deny it if they like you!!! Most of the time they won't tell the girl they like that they like them cause there embarrassed!!! Just maybe ask his best friend or something or maybe wait a little longer or even ask him out ( only if your super confident ) you got this girl!!!!
Crush broken (12882)
20 days ago
Will a boy deny he likes you if he does. This is how he said it my cousin said do you like her and he said as a friend or that she said as a girlfriend he said as a friend but I get it he show signs he likes me but thean he like Denys it like I’m so confused he has asked me out before like what is going on?????......
Some Girl (58386)
20 days ago
What?My didn't really understand.I got:"he is very confused right now,watch for clearer signs",what the heck does that.MEAN?!!?!That does not tell me ANYTHING.
girl who took a quiz (84340)
21 days ago
this quiz is like the best! Probably the best I ever took and I'm not exaggerating.
Some girl that does not (52687)
23 days ago
This quiz could have been like,way better(no affence :) ).It was the exact same as other quizes.WAS.NOT.AWESOME.
Some girl that does not (52687)
23 days ago
I took this quiz and I'm only 10 but...who cares?!?!
Elyse (01083)
23 days ago
Jacob is my crush at school. I need time in private
With him. But the teacher is always around. What should I do??
Ella2003 (38479)
23 days ago
Is it only mee... i spent my whole day doing "Does he like me back?" quizzes:) If u see this, i like you (purple))Akash
waraich (35022)
24 days ago
I love him very much . but he love another girl. What i do.
Mary Pendleton (44161)
24 days ago
Well, he's my boyfriend. He asked me out. Sooooo... I think I should make a move! LOL!
Peanut (59517)
24 days ago
If you are in junior high and you have a guy friend who has no other girl friends it's likely he likes you but is to shy to say so most junior high boys don't make friends with girls because then they are 'wierd' so if they are your friend than they like you or they are gay/by
Hans (09029)
24 days ago
My crush is so popular while i was a nobody 😂😂 im kinda hopeless if he likes me too 😂
Meow (14193)
25 days ago