Does He Like You? Ages 12-16 girls only!

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Every girl as that special someone who she thinks is interested in her... Is he interested in you?

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    To start off... Have you ever caught him staring at you. If so what does he do when caught?

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gracie (29325)
32 days ago
theres this boy and im a sophmore and he is a juinor and i have liked him since 3rd grade and he knows and were friends but its kinda like theres a spark like theres more to this then we both know, but im in love with him and he knows and i honesly think he could feel the same. grrr ((gray)i love mason
Mika (12073)
33 days ago
So I'm a freshman, but am referred to as a sophomore because I will be graduating a year before the rest of my class. So there is this junior and I've known who he is for about 3 years, but we became friends this year. He's always picking on me, making fun of my height, how I act when I'm mad, when I mess up words, inside jokes, and more. For example: I snort when I laugh and was trying really hard not to because I didn't want to make a fool of myself in my junior class, but he was making me laugh so hard (his goal is to make me smile every day) and it slipped. He laughed at me and called me a "little piggy" and I told him I hated my laugh, but he told me it was so cute. We have a lot of inside jokes and he'll use really bad pickup lines on me, but I'm not sure if he like-likes me or just as friends. My friends say he does and his friends have told me that they think it's cute when he irritates me, but I'm confused and don't know. I'm not even sure if I like him because I've only every had one real crush. AGGGGGH I HATE FEELINGS SOMEONE HELP THIS POOR UNFORTUNATE SOUL
Icesis (66017)
33 days ago
All his friends say he really like shows that he is intrested in me. They always say that he has a huge crush on me.
Icesis (65299)
33 days ago
He is really cute too!
Jenmars๐Ÿ˜ (44188)
35 days ago
Well I'm impressed this thing is right some of his friends sometimes tell's me my crush likes me but to confused and shy to admit so we ended up teasing by our friends sometimes i caught him staring at me one time my things fell on a ground and he pick them off his friends tease him loudly I couldn't stop blushing so I run as fast as i could leaving my things behind hahahaha i wont forget that
๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŽ€Baby Ko๐Ÿ˜˜๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŽ€
hhhh (23229)
36 days ago
it amazjng bbbbbbbbbbbbbb
Duck lady (95044)
37 days ago
Arrrgh. I keep on getting conflicting info from these quizzes. I hate it when none of the boxes work. At least this ones a bit better
Ranae (57069)
37 days ago
I don't want to seem like a hopeless romantic but I've got an issue and welcome any advice. I'm in 9th grade and I like this boy. We have 2 periods together. I have talked to him 3 times now. We have had nice, pleasant conversations but I keep on getting the signs confused.
What signs exactly should I be looking for?
Thongs (57221)
37 days ago
I like this boy in my class, i did not notice him until i had to do a project with him. At first i don;t want to work with him but then i found out that he is very funny and also nice to me. he is kind of close to me but his best friend is very funny and nice to me too. I think i like them both but i like the first one a tiny tiny bit more.
plz help me
๐Ÿ…Kathryn๐Ÿ… (99060)
37 days ago
I like this guy Iโ€™m in 8th grade and he is 2 years older then I Iโ€™m
And he is super nice to me he has called me crazy and annoying but I donโ€™t minded
Iโ€™m really good friends with his sister and i know his mom and dad but I have done this before I meet his family I tell him I like him he likes someone else and sometimes I walk by he watches me walk away I just idk
Kelly (87126)
37 days ago
So I like this guy I am in 8th grade and everytime I look over at him he is always staring me. He is dating someone right now but they are in a bad relationship. Me and and him though are always making direct eye contact. He always tries to not let me see him watching me but I do see him.
IDK if he likes me or not but I really hope that he does. I need to know how he feels about me.
Keke (86802)
37 days ago
Did you all ever kiss
miah (51920)
37 days ago
I totes love like this boy and he like, LOVES me back.... yo
Maddy (63657)
38 days ago
I really like this boy in my form called Joe, Iโ€™m a year 7 girl in England and he knows (kinda) how I feel. My friends harassed him and told him. I asked him via text why he started avoiding me and he said whenever he gets within 30 metres of mg he gets harassed by my friends and I told him I was sorry and he is still avoiding but I donโ€™t know what to do as he is in my form and all of my classes And I sit next to him in two subjects. I really donโ€™t know what to do or say cos my friends think I should talk to him or get over him but I donโ€™t know what to do as he is always on my mind. What do I do??? HES JUST TO CUTE AND SWEET!
Ashanti (42224)
41 days ago
hey guys I would love a reply to this do bad it would help it's hise boy in my class who's been attending the same school as me for two years vut last year he wasn't in my class so I didn't know he existed at all.This yea II'm actually getting to know him.were both nerds,smart,funny,gamers.i asked him out the early within three weeks of knowing him and did it online in a game and he said no and I regret it I wish I had a waited a lil bit longer.we always playing 8n class shooting stuff at each other.we even got are names written on the board as a warning.i like him alot and idk how he feels about me.sometimes he can be like omg will u leave am alone and I'm like oh geeez what did I do wrong someone help me here.
Irrelevant (19467)
43 days ago
When I was in yr 7 my crush was in all my lessons I would see him staring at me laugh at my jokes that were not really funny and he touched my hand so I gave him a look and he just stared at me and then I walked off and I really have a crush on him. K think he likes me and I like him too now I'm in yr 8 he talks to me quite quiet though. We have things in common ok!e he is quite smart and comes to school 6o study, so do I , he plays fooTBall at lunch and break and when I talk to him he makes eye contact with. E and smile I really like him. Plz tell me that he likes me:-D
Sara (39734)
45 days ago
Their is a cute gye in my class,he stare at me and try to make me laugh once he also sang a love song to me not to my face but I was beside him.He copies wahtever I do. Today a girl said something bad about him and me so I told him he sticked his middle finger to her and said stay away from ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–DO YOU THINK HE LIKES ME PLZ TELL?
Cordy (93036)
45 days ago
I like this boy and I've asked him out before and he said no and my friends tell me it was because I asked him in front of his friends and that he really likes me.
However after I tried to get over him and his best friend asked me out so I said yes but the relationship didn't work and now I still really like my original crush but I'm too sacred to ask him out again.
Help me please
Emma (16006)
46 days ago
If anyone has advice please share ;)
Emma (16006)
46 days ago
Hey, Karen? I need some advice. There's this boy in my algebra class. His name is Jacob. I think I like him, and he always messes with me, but I can't tell if he really likes me. He is pretty popular at school, but I think that makes him really cocky and he just recently broke up with his girlfriend. There's also this guy named Cam, but he's the complete opposite of Jacob. He texts me good morning at about 6 a.m. every day, and he usually says goodnight. On top of all of this, there's this guy that I used to like (I may still like him...) in my bio class and I kind of want to make him like me. HELP! What should I do?