Are you a smart-aleck?

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Read the title. dummy. (I am 1)

  • 1
    What did you think when you saw the title?
    Me, a smart-aleck? I don't think so!
    Are you a smart-aleck? It's are you, get your grammar right, stupid!
    I sure do hope I am not a smart-aleck. It would disappoint my momzy...
  • 2
    If an old person says "How old are you, seventeen" and you're only thirteen, what do you say?
    Uh, no. I am thirteen. (sigh and duh under your breath)
    No, ma'am. Thirteen.
    Hey, lady. I might be an inch taller than you, but that doesn't mean I'm ancient!
  • 3
    When a sales lady at a store asks you if you need anything, what do you say?
    No, I would ask.
    No ma'am. Thank you so much for asking!
    "No, just looking around" is always the answer. What are you a crazy stalker!
  • 4
    A new kid at your school has a horrible name. Bernadette if it's a girl, Leroy if it's a guy.
    Everyone is making fun of her during role call.
    What do you say?
    Laugh with the class. You don't wanna get trampled, too!
    Say nothing. You have your own opinion.
    Join in. Who wouldn't?
  • 5
    You have a dorky sub teaching today. His name is Mr. Simpson. What do you do?
    Just sit there. You have no business to make fun of teachers.
    Laugh with the class when another person asks him if his first name is Homer
    Ask him if his first name is Homer
  • 6
    Has anyone ever called you a smart-aleck?
    Every day, duh!
    No, but I just want to make sure Momzy isn't disappointed in me!
    A few times, of course!
  • 7
    Are you a good liar?
    Terrible liar. (If I ever tried momzy would be so disappointed!)
    Duh, dumbnut. Isn't everyone a good liar?
    A little. But I only lie if I need to.
  • 8
    Your enemy cusses you out! What do you do?
    Insult them a little, but try to ignore them.
    Ignore them. Momzy says that doing that makes you the bigger person.
  • 9
    Does Momzy say you are a smart-aleck?
    She's said it before, but she still loves me! (why do you say Momzy?)
    No! Never! I am not a sass-box. My sweet Momzy would be so upset!
    Momzy? What kind of retarded term is that? You're so effing stupid!
  • 10
    What do you think of ke$ha?
    I love her! Momzy always turns her up when she plays on the radio!
    She's alright, but in rehab, not the hugest fan!
    Cool people like me don't listen to kesha. She needs to take that stupid $ off of her name. It's retarded. Just like you!