Which Percy Jackson God/Goddess would be your parent?

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Ever wondered which Ancient Greek God/Goddess would be your parent? Out of a couple [not all of them] of the gods, you can find out!

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    What do you do in your spare time?
    I go to the beach or pool and have a PAR-TAY! Maybe relax...
    Fight! Argue, or do any kind of "battle".
    Gardening rocks!
    I think of interesting things to do, or I read.
    Build things, oh yes!
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    What's your favourite element?
    Water, DUH!
    Plants, and earth, and all that kind of things, yeah!
    Don't really have one...I prefer wisdom.
    Elements? ...Fighting?
    Fire! So cool...no. Not cool, awesome.
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    What do people view you as?
    Uh...not very obedient. I don't know, I don't go around asking!
    Nature-lover. Nature is AWESOME. Especially cereal. That doesn't count?
    Fighter. Grumpy person. I got an attitude. And I like fighting.
    Obsessive builder. Very, very, obsessive builder.
    Brainy, thoughtful, wise. All that stuff.
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    We're nearly finished!
    Nice quiz, now I can walk off and do gardening!
    No we're not, we're on question four.
    Fantastic quiz, but not enough fire and metal and building.
    Pool, here I come!
    That was a waste of my time, when I could go and fight people.
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    Okay, you were right [or wrong], we've still got plenty of time.
    Ha! I KNEW it! ...Though generally I know most things.
    Oh. Now I have to stop filling up my water bucket.
    Well, at least I hadn't started that computer destroying robot...
    ARGH! Why did you dash my hopes! You're wasting my time, you realise?
    Great. Now I look like a dummy on the computer with my bathers on. Thanks.
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    What's your favourite lesson in school?
    Anything that tests your thinking and your brain.
    Are there fighting lessons? If not, recess and lunch; here come the invaders!
    Garden, or anything with plants!
    ...Does it have a pool?
    If we build anything, it's my lesson.
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    What's your favourite after-school activity? [swimming lessons, basketball, etc.]
    Fencing, or boxing, or anything where you fight.
    Swimming lessons, even though I don't really need them...
    Building stuff! Maybe an art class where you make models...or science.
    I dunno, stuff that makes me think. Are there any after-school activities like that?
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    What do you think you will get?
    Ares, he is the god of war. WAR IS THE BEST!
    Demeter, plants ROCK!
    Hephaestus, man, he loves building! Like me, an amazing builder.
    Poseidon, he is like, my god version! Oceans are SWEET!
    Athena, I am smart, and all like her!
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    Now, we nearly ARE finished. I am being honest.
    Aw, great. I just got out of my bathers!
    Now I actually CAN go and garden!
    Checks test...hmmm...okay, you're being truthful.
    That model needs to be finished! Oh, you were saying?
  • 10
    What did you think of the test?
    Okay, not as good as gardening though...
    Waste of my time when I could be slaughtering everyone.
    I liked it. I mean, it is on a machine, and machines are cool.
    Cool, but not for smart kids like me, it didn't make me think.
    Pretty good, actually.

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i am not making my name publicly famous, than ( .74.2 )
Posted 45 days ago
Pretty great quiz. I got Athena as a parent. The quiz was
Great to flatter yourself. Good job.
TIP: Will u make quizzes for harry potter & famous five.
Please please please
i am not making my name publicly famous, than ( .74.2 )
Posted 45 days ago
I liked the quiz. I got Athena as a parent. Well the quiz is quit fun and very good to FLATTER yourself
Keep making such quizzes.
TIP: please make a quiz on harry potter or famous five
Ethan james ( 3.118 )
Posted 162 days ago
I thoght it was awsome!
Bri ( 7.207 )
Posted 240 days ago
Okay, so I got Athena. And a little of Ares, and a little of Poseidon. Now, when I got to the quetion where I had to decide which one I thought I'd get, I chose Athena. I was right. I am the daughter or Athena...
I'm not putting my name on the internet ( 7.157 )
Posted 325 days ago
These questions were obvious as to who the parent will be, and a bit over dramatic. Make it more subtle. I didn't answer half the questions because I didn't relate to any of the answers. It is obvious as to the god it is trying to represent and you can easily rig it to get what you want and honestly none of the demigods of that cabin (or even the gods themselves) act like that