Are you nasty or nice?

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Are you nasty or nice find out by taking this quiz

  • 1
    Are you popular?
    Not really I have a few close friends, that are like sisters though
    OMG, I'm like the most popular person Eva and everyone luvs me
    No, I don't know anyone
    Who cares anyway
    Yes, I would say so
  • 2
    It's the school play, your bestfriend gets the lead role that you wanted to play what do you do?
    Have a tantrum
    Demand that's your role
    Oh well, there will be other plays
    Don't talk to your best friend
    Stay quiet
  • 3
    You hear gossip about your friend, what do you do?
    Bully your friend about it
    Stay quiet
    Tell them you know
    Tell everyone
  • 4
    It's your best friends birthday tomorrow, you haven't got them a present yet, what do you do?
    Who cares
    Find something of yours to give to them that you have never used
    Give them a magazine freebie
    Go out and buy them a prezzies straight away
    ask your mum if you can borrow some to give to them
  • 5
    Your best friend is upset about something what do you do?
    Tell them a joke and cheer her up
    It's you. You were being mean to them last night. They love you your their bestie sure they will forgive you.
    Ask them whats up
    Ask them whats up, hug them and tell them that you will stay with them and protect them
    Leave them alone, they might wanna be alone, they have other friends anyway.
  • 6
    You took the last seat on the bus, an old lady comes by looking for somewhere to sit what do you do?
    Give up your seat for her
    Ask her to share your seat
    She can have my seat if she gives me something, chocolate would be nice
    Laugh and shout at her, show off your seat to her
    Don't budge, she can have someone else's seat
  • 7
    You crush on the same person as your bestie what do you do?
    Tell your bestie that nobody would ever want to go out with her because she's evil, fat and ugly- and mean it
    Flirt with them in front of your bestie
    Argue over him
    Stay tight, we won't let a crush get between us
    Toss a coin, tails means your bestie gets to go out with him, heads means you do
  • 8
    Lying is....
    Always wrong, eww I could never lie
    to make me sound better, but there are times when I don't lie at all
    I never tell the truth, what's the point
    I lie to get out of bad situations which is most of the time
    I have lied once or twice
  • 9
    Your friend is rich, and you don't have much money. How do you feel?
    I don't really care, their a friend for personality not money
    NO, I SHOULD BE THE RICH ONE, NOT THEM, and don't ever talk to them again
    I steal when I go to there house, they can always buy a new one.
    I'm jealous
    Life is unfair
  • 10
    Have you ever stolen?
    Sometimes, when I have no money
    Once or twice just some sweets though nothing big.
    What? I hate people who do that
    Yea, all the time
    No, it's wrong to steal, but I know people who do. Oh and I've dreamt about it.

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