Are you Mature?

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Take this quiz to find your maturity level!

  • 1
    Your friend and you are walking down the street and your friend trips over a crack. What do you do?
    Do you just walk away and act like you don't notice?
    Do you call 911 just in case she/he is hurt?
    Do you laugh a little but, help your friend up?
    Do you laugh a ton and then walk away?
    Do you help your friend up?
  • 2
    You find a hundred dollar bill in the parking lot of a store. What do you do?
    Do you turn it in to the police station?
    Do you yell very loudly asking if it's anyone's but if no one answers take it?
    Do you turn it in to the store?
    Do you pick it up and walk away?
    Do you leave it there?
  • 3
    Your friend gets sick while sleeping over your house. What do you do?
    Do you try to help them by asking what they need?
    Do you order your mom to help them?
    Do you call their parents?
    Do you laugh at them?
    Do you take them home without asking if they want to so you don't get sick?
  • 4
    Your friend starts dating someone you don't like. What do you do?
    Do you advise your friend to break up but, say they should decide themself?
    Do you ignore the entire situation?
    Do you tell your friend to break up with him/her?
    Do you stop being their friend until they break up?
    Do you threaten to beat him/her up if he/she hurts your friend?
  • 5
    Your friend advises you to break up with your date. What do you do?
    Do you ignore their advice?
    Do you punch your friend in the face?
    Do you yell at them furiously telling them to shut up?
    Do you refuse politely?
    Do you listen to your friends advice?
  • 6
    You’re working on a group project. Your group needs a leader and you want to be it. Other people don't agree. What do you do?
    Do you purposely give wrong answers?
    Do you listen to the other member's thoughts?
    Do you tell your teacher you want to change groups?
    Do you not participate in the project?
    Do you argue until you get your way?
  • 7
    You're picking out a jersey for your sports team. The only jersey left has your least favorite number on it. What do you do?
    Do you throw a fit?
    Do you steal a different one from another player while they're not looking?
    Do you quit the team?
    Do you deal with it?
    Do you duct tape over the number?
  • 8
    A gross guy/girl asks you out. What do you do?
    Do you ignore them and walk away?
    Do you make a huge scene freaking out and making disgusted faces?
    Do you tell them that they're gross and to get away?
    Do you smack them in the face and then sanitize your hand thoroughly?
    Do you politely refuse?
  • 9
    You get caught cheating on a test. What do you do?
    Do you say that you know nothing of the sort?
    Do you yell at the teacher calling them a liar?
    Do you blame a friend or fellow classmate?
    Do you run away?
    Do you admit to cheating and accept the consequences?
  • 10
    You get a tiny paper cut in class. What do you do?
    Do you yell at the paper?
    Do you scream at the top of your lungs?
    Do you ignore it?
    Do you show all your friends complaining that it hurts?
    Do you quietly ask a teacher for a band aid?

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