The Goblin Legacy

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Think you know everything about Spider-Mans greatest foes?
Test your Goblin knowledge

  • 1
    What issue did The Green Goblin first appear?
    Spectacular Spider-Man #200
    Amazing Spider-Man #14
    Web of Spider-Man #86
  • 2
    Who is The Original Green Goblin?
    Roderick Kingsley
    Norman Osborn
    Harry Osborn
    Mendel Stromm
  • 3
    In Amazing Spider-Man #121-122, Who did the Green Goblin murder?
    Gwen Stacy
    J. Jonah Jameson
    Aunt May
    Mary Jane Watson
  • 4
    How was the Green Goblin "killed"?
    Pumpkin bomb misfire
    Impaled by his Glider
    Fell to his death
  • 5
    How many Green Goblin's have there been after The Original?
  • 6
    What issue did The Hobgoblin first appear?
    Spider-Man 6
    Amazing Spider-Man #238
    Web of Spider-Man 86
  • 7
    Who is the "true" Original Hobgoblin?
    Jason Macendale
    Roderick Kingsley
    Lefty Donovan
    Ned Leeds
  • 8
    In what way was The Hobgoblin superior to The Green Goblin?
    More firepower
    He wasn't insane
  • 9
    Who was brainwashed into being The Hobgoblin?
    Ned Leeds & Lefty Donovon
    Roderick Kingsley & Ned Leeds
    Lefty Donovan & Roderick Kinglsey
  • 10
    What storyline revealed Hobgoblin's true identity?
    Hobgoblin Lives
    Gang War
    Goblin's At The Gate
  • 11
    Who became the second Hobgoblin?
    Jason Philip Macendale
    Phil Urich
    Richard Fisk
  • 12
    When the demon that possessed the second Hobgoblin separated it'self from him, it became what?
    Gray Goblin
  • 13
    In "Brand New Day", Lily Hollister became the goblin known as?
    Grey Goblin
  • 14
    The Gray Goblin was the illegitimate son of what characters?
    Roderick Kingsley & Mary Jane Watson
    Jason Macendale & Betty Brant
    Gwen Stacy & Norman Osborn
  • 15
    Who is the only person to be both a Green Goblin & Hobgoblin?
    Harry Osborn
    Phil Urich
    Roderick Kingsley

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