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Do you own the boxset? Is one episode not enough? Do you find yourself comparing situations to Friends? This quiz is for you!

  • 1
    Who DOES NOT attend Phoebe and Mike's wedding?
    Mike's dog
    Frank, Alice and the triplets
    Mikes parents
  • 2
    Why did Monica break up with Paul the wine guy?
    He was more interested in Rachel
    He didn't want children
    He was an alcoholic
    He tricked her into sleeping with him
    She realised he hadn't grown up since high school
  • 3
    While lecturing at NYU, what accent does Ross use?
  • 4
    In "The One With The Home Study", what name does Chandler call Joey?
    Joseph Francis Tribianni
  • 5
    What does Barry buy Rachel in season 1?
    A convertible
    Shoes from Italy
    A wedding ring, the size of her fist
    Apartment pants
    A little bottle of Chanel
  • 6
    When somebody eats his sandwich, what does Ross become known as with his colleagues?
    Mental Geller
    Red Ross
    Cookie Dude
    The moist maker
  • 7
    In "The One With The Morning After", what does Joey think he needs?
    His eyebrows waxed
    A new fridge
    New headshots
    A new roommate
    A new walk
  • 8
    In "The One With The Prom Video", what footage does Monica find on a video?
    Phoebe and the man upstairs having sex
    Ross smoking pot in his room
    Her parents having sex
    Ross having sex with the school librarian
    Chip Matthews cheating on Rachel
  • 9
    What was Barry's excuse for Rachel walking out on their wedding?
    She didn't love him
    She had syphilis
    She was annoyed at him making love with his socks on
    She'd cheated on him with Richard Burke
    She didn't like her bright pink dress
  • 10
    On what channel was Ross seen on TV with his girlfriend Elizabeth?
  • 11
    In what episode does Rachel first meet Paolo?
    TOW The Jellyfish
    TOW The Male Nanny
    The One Hundredth
    TOW The Blackout
    TOW All The Kissing
  • 12
    Whose father is a doctor?
    Ross and Monica's
  • 13
    Which of Chandler's girlfriends has a child?
    Missy Goldberg
  • 14
    What does Joey discover while on a date in TOW The Sharks?
    He's slept with his dates roommate
    He's slept with his date before
    His date likes to share food
    Chandler likes shark porn
    He's in love with Rachel
  • 15
    Why does Rachel tell Monica she's quitting her job at Bloomingdales?
    Her boss wanted to buy her baby
    She misses working with Gunther at Central Perk
    Her boss is Emily's uncle and it feels weird
    Ross was jealous of her colleague
    She helped an 81 year old put on a thong and she didn't even buy it
  • 16
    Phoebe's bank sends her WHAT as a gift?
    The happiest dog in the world
    An extra month free of interest on a loan
    A football phone
    A can of soda with a floating thumb
    A hippity-hop
  • 17
    What, or who, ruins Chandlers 30th birthday?
    He finds out he's actually 31
    His father's gay burlesque show
    Tag buys him a scooter and won’t let him use it
    He gets too drunk
  • 18
    Who is responsible for upsetting Phoebe on her first official date with Mike?
    Her sister Ursula
  • 19
    What happens to Chandler on Thanksgiving 1988?
    He starts to smoke
    He finds out he's set to adopt a child with Monica
    His parents announce their divorce
    Monica accidentally chops off his toe
    He gets scared by Joey wearing a turkey on his head
  • 20
    Which company is Rachel going to move to Paris to work for?
    Ralph Lauren
    Dolce & Gabbana
    Victoria's Secret
    Louis Vuitton

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