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Which NBA player are you?

39.13 % of users had this result: Chris Paul - A Point Guard is usually a leader and instructs his teammates by making plays. Respected and usually underrated.

30.1 % of users had this result: Michael Jordan - Highly respected for skill but judged for his actions whether on the court winning games or off the court making commercials as well as controversy.

14.97 % of users had this result: LeBron James - Generally underrated, you show a large set of skills used regularly and understand your role as the middle man. You are a good player overall.

8.82 % of users had this result: Tim Duncan - Possibly underrated, you strive at making plays that are efficient and get the job done, which is winning. Your efforts on the court are rewarded with your teammates being open from your distraction as a big man.

6.97 % of users had this result: Wilt Chamberlain - Not the most enthusiastic or exciting but do what matters, which is rebounding, scoring, and potentially winning. Put in to fix mistakes of teammates and make easy buckets.