Does he love me even though he hardly texts me?

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A certain guy may seem to like you, but then he rarely texts you or you have to start a text conversation. How do you know if he does like you? Take this test: with my experience I'm gonna try to help you figure this out...

  • 1
    When he walks by you and you look at him, what does he do?
    He never notices me.
    He smiles and makes eye contact.
    He smiles and waves.
    He makes eye contact.
  • 2
    Whenever you guys talk, who has to start the conversation?
    He always starts the conversations.
    We take turns starting conversations.
    We never talk:(
    I always have to start the conversation.
  • 3
    Whenever you guys talk, what does he do?
    Act tired or careless.
    Turn around and walk away.
    Look at you with his eyebrows raised.
    Smile and watch your eyes and mouth.
  • 4
    What type of phone does he have?
    A flip phone
    No phone
    Only a home phone
  • 5
    If you ever gave him anything, what did he do?
    You never gave him anything
    Smile and take the object.
    Smile, look you in the eye and take the object and say thank you.
    Refuse taking it by saying, Oh no thanks!
  • 6
    If you are in the same room but farther apart (say gym class, if you guys are in the same class but he is on one side of the gym and you are on the other side,) what does he do?
    He frequently looks at me every once in a while.
    He continually stares in my direction.
    He never looks.
    I don't know
  • 7
    When you guys text, what are your conversations normally about?
    We never text
    Normal conversations about favorite sports, cars, hobbies
    His girlfriend
    Deep personal stuff
  • 8
    When you were standing/sitting somewhere and he walked by, what happened?
    He looked at me and looked away.
    He smiled
    Once, he smiled, waved and said hi.
    He didn't see me.
  • 9
    Is he always doing something on his phone, or do you ever see him use it?
    He has it out a couple of times.
    I never see him use it.
    He doesn't have one.
    He always is fiddling with it.
  • 10
    How well do you guys know each other?
    He's my boyfriend, why am I taking this
    He's my friend.
    He doesn't know me.
    He only knows my name but nothing else about me.
  • 11
    What is the greatest reason you like him?
    He reminds me of someone.
    His personality is great.
    He's cute.
    He's popular.
  • 12
    Did anyone ever make fun of you liking him? Maybe by calling him 'your boyfriend' or something?
    Yeah my friends made fun of me.
    Yes. His friends did that to me.
    No. I don't have any friends who know him.
    No one knows I like him.
  • 13
    Did he ever touch you in your life?
    He gave me a high five once.
    He gave me a hug a few times.
    He touched my arm accidentally.
    He never touched me.
  • 14
    Has he ever 'accidently' brushed against you?
    He always does that
    Yes. Two times or so
  • 15
    When you guys text, how long usually are the conversations?
    1+ hours
    Like I said, we never texted
    10 to 30 min
    5 min

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