Is he into you?

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Find out if he's into you. WARNING. This is unrealistically accurate and we can tell if you're friend zoned. 19 Questions because 20 is too mainstream. I made this while finding out if my guy was into me. He was. <3

  • 1
    First- Does he look at you?
    He doesn't directly look at me when we talk...
    Yes, whether we're talking or not(;
    Only when we talk (If you don't talk to him yet, this isn't the quiz for you)
    Not that I've noticed:/
    In a weird-ed out way...
  • 2
    Would he choose to sit next to/be near you in a large room?
    Yes, Over some others (That he's not super close to)
    No, but he is shy with girls:/:)
    Not if that girl he likes is there too. ):
    Yes, If we were alone with nothing to do...
    Yes, Over his closest friends:')
  • 3
    What do you guys talk about?
    Random topics like greatest fears, 3 wishes, stuck on an island...etc.
    Homework, clubs...etc.
    Our day, how boring this is, how the weather postponed my flight...etc.
    Religion, Politics, Deep childhood trauma...etc.
  • 4
    Who starts the conversation?
    Me, but he keeps it going
    Mostly Him
    Approximately 50/50
    Mostly Me
  • 5
    How often do you talk (Not text or FB chat)?
    Thirty minutes a day.
    An hour a day.
    Five minutes a day.
    Ten minutes a day.
    WAY. MORE.
  • 6
    Do you FB, IM, Text, call, oovoo, skype, christian mingle dot com? (I don't know)
    Once a day
    Every now and then
    Couple messages a day
    All day!
  • 7
    How well do you text/chat...etc.?
    We don't.
    He sends flirty texts, I reciprocate.
    He's not really responsive, but... (Place argument here)
    We're both friendly texters.
    I send flirty texts, he avoids that.
  • 8
    Who got who's number?
    He got mine
    He didn't want mine/Doesn't have a phone/ Doesn't give it out.
    I got his FROM HIM
    Neither of us asked. YET.
    It was for an assignment
  • 9
    How close are you two?
    Just met but we get along well
    He barely knows me.
    Best friends since everrr!
    We've known each other for a nice, long time.
    We've been flirting around long enough
  • 10
    What kind of guy is he?
    He just flirts with me
    He doesn't flirt with anyone
    He flirts with everyone including me
    He flirts with everyone, but treats me different
  • 11
    Do others think he likes you?
    My friends, but they're suck-ups...they don't know...
    One person
    No, but I feel it.
    Yeah I've heard it from strangers lol
  • 12
    Does he compliment you?
    Quite often:)
    No, but that doesn't mean he's not into me
    Yep, all the time! Just me, her, her, her, her, her, her, him, her, her, her, her, her
    Yeah he did once or twice. I heard he never compliments people ^_^
    Yeah once or twice, but I'm not the only one.
  • 13
    Does he have a girlfriend? (Perfectly okay if he does, ladies! ;) Unless it's me..
    Yup! He loves her.
    Nope! He's not ready for one though!
    I dunno
    Yup! He hates her.
    Nope! He's definitely ready!
  • 14
    Has he ever given you something?
    A pencil
    He's lent me things:)
    Nope! <3
    His number
    A gift just for me
  • 15
    He sees you walking to class...
    Smiles, says hi
    SCCRRRRRR walks you to your class and he's late to his
    Keeps walking
    Makes friendly eye contact
  • 16
    He has to pick a partner for a project!
    Flirty pretty blonde, his best friend, and you.
    In what order would he choose?
    Bestie, me, blonde
    Me, bestie, blonde
    Blonde, bestie, me
    Blonde, me, bestie
    Bestie, blonde, me
  • 17
    Does he know you like him?
    Yep, he's a tease.
    Yep, but we cool.
    I think he likes me back! (Why'd you take this then?)
    Yep, it's awkward.
  • 18
    Do you know something about him that nobody else knows?
    Yes, and It's a dark secret.
    It's a weird thing, but yes.
    No, we're not that close.
    Well he's really open to everyone.
  • 19
    Do you think he's just being nice?
    He isn't nice...
    Not really

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Kristen lewis ( 18.54 )
Posted Yesterday
I like this guy Chayden Aberham and I don't know how to tell him and he might like my friend But she used to have a crush on him but she backed off when she found out that I liked him. He might already know that I like him because thing got more awkward between us after 5th grade but we are in 6th grade now and I am worried that I will mess up our friendship what do I do. Please answer because I am terrified that he will stop talking to me or stop being my friend I also don't won't him not to like me and on top of that like I said at the beginning I think he likes my friend. :( :(
alex ( 36.71 )
Posted 197 days ago
i love you and really miss you please come back in my life.