Do You Know Horses?

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So you think you know horses, do you? We'll find out right now!

  • 1
    What does a bay look like?
    It's red with the same color mane and tail.
    It's PINK!
    It's gray with splotchy black dots.
    It's brown with a black mane, tail and lower legs.
    It's the same color as a buckskin.
  • 2
    What does POA stand for?
    Pony of the Americas
    Popcorn of America
    Pony of Argentina
    Pocahontas Society of Antelopes and Horses
  • 3
    How old is a filly when it becomes a mare?
    2 years
    4 years
    14 years
    16 months
    1 year
  • 4
    Say you have jut ridden your horse very hard. He is all sweaty. Should you give him cold water to help him cool off?
    No, that would make him sick!
    Yes, because when I'm hot, cold water makes me feel better.
    Yeah, I guess it might help.
    YES! Horses should NEVER be hot without cool water to drink.
  • 5
    You see a horse that's coat is mouse colored. It's nose is mealy. What color is it?
    Gray with a white-yellow nose
    Black with a brown nose
    ARE YOU CRAZY? HORSES do not wear COATS!
  • 6
    Should a green rider be paired with a green horse?
    Sure. Sounds reasonable.
    Yes! That is the ONE and ONLY way to do it.
    I told you, you were crazy. Horses and riders are not green.
    Yes. I'm always hearing about horse and rider compatibility.
  • 7
    You see a saddle with a knob on the front... or is it the back... It also has wide stirrups. What type of saddle is it?
    Englestern saddle cross
    What? That's ridiculous.
    I don't know
  • 8
    Your lawn was just mown. You see how nice the fresh mown grass looks. Do you give it to your horse?
    Yeah! I would give it all it wants.
    NO! That will give it COLIC!
    YES! That will help ward off disease.
    Yes. Why not?
    I don't know.
  • 9
    You have just started riding a week ago. Your riding teacher thinks you’re pretty good. You look into a meadow as your walking along and see the stable's stud. He's loose. He's dangerous and feisty. Do you go after him?
    I'm good, I can do it, even with just a week if riding.
    Who cares if he's loose. Horses can find their way home.
    YES! Ride 'em cowboy!
    No, tell someone more experienced.
  • 10
    What is it called when your horse has withers that don't hold a saddle well?
    Posty withers
    Sliding withers
    Johnny withers
    Mutton withers

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