Who the heck are you?

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Find out who the heck you are with this quiz that will tell all about your own special personality.

  • 1
    Your perfect day consists of...
    Relaxing with a good book.
    Hanging out with all my friends.
    Going for a nice long jog.
    Outside, playing with the pets.
    Doing whatever I feel like.
  • 2
    Let's say you're out to dinner with a friend. The topic of conversation that you're happiest with is...

    Marathon training, new workouts
    School, favorite books, fanfiction
    Boys, fashion, parties
    My pet's latest antics
    Stupid parents
  • 3
    At school, you find yourself enjoying ________ the most.

    Gym class (Running laps is a great refresher!)
    Nothing (When can I sleep?)
    The cute class pet in Home Ec (who doesn't love animals?)
    Lunchtime (Time to catch up on all the gossip!)
    My classes (I love to learn)
  • 4
    You're parents are going away for the weekend and decide to leave you in charge... You're going to _______

    Get caught up on all my assignments!
    Let my pet sleep in my bed!
    Practically live at the gym!
    Sleep, be lazy without the parents telling me what to do.
    Invite some friends over... An excuse to flirt with my crush!
  • 5
    On vacation at the beach, you're most likely to be
    busy doing what?
    Going for a run by the ocean.
    Flaunting my cute new bikini.
    Taking my pet for a stroll on the sand.
    Enjoying a good read while listening to the waves.
    Working on my tan.
  • 6
    Your friends convince you to go to a party. You arrive and find a huge crowd of kids and loud music. What
    is your reaction?
    You play with the house pets.
    You tear up the dance floor!
    It was your idea to go! You immediately start socializing!
    What? I'm so uncomfortable right now!
    You just stand around.
  • 7
    What would you mainly look for in a college?
    A very relaxed dress code.
    An awesome vet program!
    A huge athletics department.
    Plenty of social activities.
    A stellar academic program!
  • 8
    You go to your school's football game... What's one item you bring with you?

    My pet! I bring it everywhere!
    I wouldn't be there... I have too much homework.
    My team spirit!
    My phone! I have to connect with my friends.
    Sunglasses. I hate these bright lights!
  • 9
    You see guy. What's your most likely reaction?

    Ew... He acts stupid.
    I wonder what he can bench press?
    Not worth the effort.
    Aww! He has a dog!
    OMG... He is gorgeous!
  • 10
    Pick a word.
    Abdication .

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